These Hangover Hacks will Save Your Holiday



‘Tis the season to be jolly. ‘Tis also the season to be indulgent. Apple Pie. Eggnog. Pumpkin Pie. More Eggnog. The list of saccharine treats goes on. But there comes a time (usually three ugly sweater parties and a high school reunion in) when all the holiday hedonism just starts to catch up with you. And by “catch up” I mean in the form of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad hangover.

So you’ve come here for the cure-alls. Welcome! But before I start I have some unfortunate news: I am no expert on hangovers. New to my mid-twenties, pounding headaches and cold sweats are also a new phenomenon to me. And I have yet to fully accept it as customary. It’s why I continue about my unhealthy habits, wistfully thinking that my metabolism and liver will revert back to their 21-year old selves. After all, they say the best hangover cure is to be under 25.

Now that we’ve nipped my lack of true hangover experience in the bud, let’s move onto the good news! I decided to preserve the integrity of this article by supplying you with the tried-and-true advice of others. That’s right, I surveyed my friends about their weirdest, holiday-ist hangover tips (that work). In return? I received a surprising amount of responses from twelve of my oldest friends, seven ex-coworkers, one healing arts practitioner and a partridge in a pear tree (otherwise known as my mom who loves her fruits).

What was even more surprising, though, is that their advice wasn’t “an In-N-Out Burger and a nap”. It was useful. It was enlightening. So, if you want to have a holly jolly hangover—here’s how you do it courtesy of my inner social circle, who also happen to be professional over-indulgers.

Hangover Hack #1: From the Old College Buddy


No, this is not just for babies. It’s for full-grown adults who drank too much spiked-hot cocoa and stayed up way past their bedtime. And it’s packed with electrolytes, which help prevent dehydration. While Pedialyte is not entirely natural, you will definitely want this restorative drink by your bedside in desperate times. And for those of you who are committed to that au natural lifestyle (in both sickness and in health), there are plenty of DIY substitutes that you can make at home with bare bones ingredients.

Hangover Hack #2: From the Girl Boss

Charcoal Lemonade from Pressed Juicery!”

My fabulous ex-boss gave me this tip. I consider it the bougie-er version of Pedialyte, but that’s not what excites me. The Activated Charcoal does. This little-hyped ingredient has been used to prevent poisons from being absorbed into the body. And alcohol is a poison. You do the math.

So, instead of putting coal into your friends’ stockings for being naughty this year, buy them Charcoal Lemonade and call it a day. Trust me, they will thank you for this gift later.

Hangover Hack #3– From the Mom

“Hot and sour soup… and an apple for a snack.”

Moms never give up on pushing their apple slices, even well into adulthood. But moms do know best. And after a little research, I found the lady who gave birth to me was right yet again. In fact, apples settle queasy tummies and replenish the body with much-needed nutrients. Just eat it on an empty stomach and watch the jitters go away. As for the “Jingle Bell Rock” song playing on loop in your head? That sticks with you. Sorry.

Hangover Hack #4 – From the Medicine Woman

“Breathwork! By far the best.”

This one caught me a little off guard. So you can breathe your way through the shakes and spins? According to Daniela Gil, a healing arts practitioner in Los Angeles, you most certainly can. She explained her theory to me—that breathwork is a powerful means of moving prana (aka life force energy) through our bodies, restoring balance. Think about it: when we eat or drink too much all of our energy redirects toward our digestive tract. This energy is literally stuck in our bellies as our body tries to process and purify, which makes us feel bleh. Breathwork helps us move this energy circulating in its natural rhythm again, bringing us back into harmony and optimal health.

Holiday Hack #5 – From the Pesca-phile

“Fish Oil.”

My first thought is gross. My second thought is where’s the trash can? But my fish-loving friend might be onto something here. Not only is fish oil great for your skin, it helps with inflammation—the likely culprit of hangover symptoms—of the prostaglandins, a hormone compound found in your body. Plus, according to another article, it also helps prevent alcohol related brain damage and dementia. If that’s the case, I’ll take two please.

Holiday Hack #6 – From Marketers

IV Drips

This one comes straight from the advertisements popping up on my newsfeed, which is a bit disconcerting. I’ve never tried an at-home IV Drip before, but I see the appeal. When you’re hungover, you’re dehydrated and IVs pump all the H2O you lack straight into your system. Some even recommend it for the nice afterglow.

If an IV Drip isn’t in the cards for you or your budget (it can be a little pricy), try drinking DripDrop. This professional grade hydration solution comes in a little packet that you simply pour into your water. And according to their website, it works as effectively as an IV. Though that claim has a little asterisk by it so, do with that what you will.

Hope you enjoyed the hangover hacks and that you learned a thing or two. And remember to holiday responsibly!


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