6 New Ways to do New Year’s




New Year’s is all about welcoming everything that’s new and unexpected, so why not change up the way you celebrate? Our team of wellness experts rounded up some thrilling, out-of-the-box ways to ring in 2017.



Sometimes you need a shock to the system to reset your routine, which is why a polar bear plunge made it to the top of our list. You can either find a local organized event or create your own by inviting friends and taking a road trip (or hop, skip and a jump) to the nearest body of water. Jump in and let the cold water reawaken the NEW you. Don’t forget to pack cozy blankets and hot chocolate to warm up post-plunge.


Realigning your intentions involves both body and mind. Plan for a night of candlelit yoga to celebrate the new year and new you. Besides, every New Year’s celebration requires an obligatory selfie, and thankfully, you’ll be striking poses all night long.


Round up a group of friends for a post-sunset hike. Enjoy the starry sky, scent of the fresh air and the cleansing effect of being in nature. What better way to begin 2017?


If you’re opting for an indoor holiday, dress in your finest threads, light some candles and set the tone with celebratory tunes. Then, take out your best stationary and write a letter to your future self, noting any hopes and goals that you envision. Hide the letter and don’t open it for at least a year.


Gather your friends (old and new) for a good ol’ fashioned game night. Make homemade cocktails, order in some pizza and bring out the board games for a night of laughs, healthy competition and lots of memories. The games that made our list: Cards Against Humanity and Taboo.


Endorphins are your best friend, so go for an outdoor run in your shiniest Fabletics leggings and enjoy the feeling of conquering your goals. This is a great way to get your resolutions in gear a day early!


No matter what activity you choose, we hope it brings love, peace and joy to your new year. Here’s to a successful 2017. Now go and get it!

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