Why We’re Loving ‘80s Workouts


What happened in the ‘80s should (mostly) stay in the ‘80s, except for the bright colored spandex and high-waisted leggings, of course. But don’t throw away those dust-collecting Jane Fonda tapes quite yet. Convert them to DVD and then take a glimpse of the fun, high-energy workouts that you used to love! And if you miss them as much as we do, check out our easy updates to transform your favorite ‘80s moves into modern routines.



Pizza Lifts, Water Hydrants, Happy Boyfriend—these may sound more like emojis, but back in the ‘80s, they were the ‘it’ moves praised by all the major leg warmer-wearing workout leaders. With current research, the world of Calisthenics has improved by leaps and bounds.

The Modern Take: The simpler the name, the better. Opt for squats and lunges that really focus on specific muscles. Also, adding weights (either by holding them or strapping them on your ankles) will help you reach your goals faster.



Nobody made stretching look as sexy as Olivia Newton John. However, today some of her moves, like ballistic stretching, are considered an accident waiting to happen (and we think we can all agree that injury does not equal sexy).

The Modern Take: Rather than using bounce and movement to stretch your body, go for slower, progressive stretches. They may not look as fun, but we promise they’ll get the job done!


High-Impact Aerobics

Back in the day, high-impact aerobics included high-knee jogs, jumping jacks, dancer leaps and basically any pounding movement that wreaked havoc on your joints.

The Modern Take: Although these moves are fine when done in moderation, to get the same results, modern cardio-cravers are turning to other high-energy workouts, such as Body by Simone’s popular program, which infuses dance with cardio, all while keeping your body’s safety in mind. Plus, nothing is better than blasting your thighs while blasting your fave ‘80s songs.


If you’re already a Fabletics VIP, you can give Simone’s 4-week routine a spin by tuning into our exclusive VIP Studio Series.  If you’re not yet a VIP, this is a good reason to get a move on!

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