Back to Basics with Ginger: Week 2


Welcome to Week 2! This circuit focuses on your entire body with a special emphasis on strengthening your core. Each circuit can be done by itself 4 to 5 times with a 45-90 second break at the end of each round. Remember, all you need is yourself (and maybe a great playlist)…


Reverse Lunges

Body Weight Reverse Lunges (10 to 12 Reps Per Leg)

Starting Position: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and shoulders back.

Action: Step back into a staggered stance and drop your back knee to the ground until you are at a 90-degree bend in your front leg. At no point should your front knee creep over your toes (an easy self-check is to pay attention to your front foot, making sure it stays flat throughout the lunge, keeping the tension in your front heel and not through your toes). Try to keep your torso completely upright throughout the entire exercise.

Works: Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings


Elbow Plank

Neutral Elbow Plank (20-30 Second Hold)

Starting Position: Lay on your stomach with your elbows under your shoulders, forearms parallel and palms facing up. Flex your toes up toward your shins.

Action: Lift yourself off the ground so that only your parallel forearms and toes are on the ground, lift your hips high enough into the air so that when you look down at your toes you can see that your stomach/front of thighs/shins all make one straight line. You should not be bending down towards the ground or overarching your back. HOLD!

Works Your: Entire body, with emphasis on Core



Dips (10 to 12 Reps)

Starting Position: Sit on a chair or sturdy coffee table/bench, grip the seat seat right next to your hips, sit up straight with your shoulders back, and scoot your hips forward a couple of inches off the edge of the seat.

Action: Bend your elbows down to 90 degrees, keeping your torso upright (do not let your hips shift further away from the seat), and elbows narrow (try not to let them shoot out to the sides as they bend you down).

Works Your: Triceps



Crunches with Legs Straight Down (15 to 20 Reps)

Starting Position: Lay down flat on your back with legs straight and your toes pointed down (so that essentially just your heels and butt are touching the ground, with your knees still straight). Place your hands at the sides of your head with elbows pulled back.

Action: Crunch with your chin straight up toward the ceiling, just high enough to get your shoulder blades off the ground. Keep your elbows pulled back out of your peripheral vision throughout the motion.

Works: Core


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