In Detail: A Closer Look at January’s Prints


A new year calls for a new perspective, which is why January’s collection offers fresh designs to take you into the new year in style. And since (fashion) history always repeats itself, we looked back to the ‘80s to create our vision for the future with electric colors, a technological vibe and bolder-than-ever patterns. Let’s take a closer look.


Chroma Print

Pure saturated hues are combined into a striking abstract design that reflects the illumination of digital signals. Since the ‘80s were the start of the internet age, this fractal, futuristic print only seemed natural. The colorways are bright, but a black background balances them out, making them suitable for all your winter workouts and hangouts.

“The Chroma print is futuristic, so keep your look current with edgy style details, like mesh, cropped silhouettes and geometric lines.” –Shaun Kearney, VP of Design

Illusion Print

The perfect way to electrify your workout (literally) is by wearing our energetic Illusion print, a digital play on the classic stripe. Blues and purples are high-definition colors that are indicative of the ‘80s and the newly-founded tech era. The cooler hues are right in line with the current weather outside.

“Since this print is so bold, keep your look simple with solid colors, like lilac, grey or black.” –Shaun Kearney, VP of Design

Pretty Punk Print

While we’re back in the ‘80s, let’s take a quick trip to Japan where editorial art was at its peak. A black and white floral design with a flash of neon pink is an ode to the famous glossy designs that are still referenced today. Our Pretty Punk pattern also lends a subtle edge to your look without going overboard.

“The Pretty Punk print is a great option for those who prefer subtler designs. It pairs well with your leather jacket and transitions easily from workout to night out.” –Shaun Kearney, VP of Design

Dot Matrix

Inspired by computer glitches and distortions, this print portrays an abstract look into the digital decade. Vibrant colors are again balanced by a black background.

“This modern, abstract print is bright, but on a more minimal scale. Bring out one of the colors by wearing a top in the same color family.” –Shaun Kearney, VP of Design

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