Kate’s Take: The New Year


So, it’s 2017! Woah, that happened fast. Since January 1st, everyone around me has been talking about their goals for a fresh start—“I’m going to work out every day,” “This is the year that I get 8 hours sleep each night” or “No more sugar for 2017.” In my experience, that leads to friends and family who are even more inactive, exhausted and hopped up on sugar by February than they were in 2016! That’s why, this year, when people ask me what my resolutions are, they’re pretty shocked to hear my response: “Um… I don’t have any.”

Let me explain. For me, 2016 started with a ton of very specific expectations—what I wanted to do, what I hoped to achieve, where I hoped to go—and guess what? None of them happened! We can have the best intentions in the world but life always has a way of throwing things in your path to take you off course. And what happens when you miss that very specific goal for a day? You end up missing it for a week or a month and tell yourself it’s time to quit. As soon as your rigid expectations aren’t met, you lose motivation.

That’s why, this year, I’m not setting specific goals but an intention: to not have any expectations about what will happen, to work hard and be focused. Having specific expectations almost always leads to disappointment because things never work out the way you think they will! As opposed to expecting anything, I intend to follow through on things and finish what I start, instead of splitting my attention in a million different directions.

How am I going to do that? Well, I’m starting out small by knitting a sweater, so that I have a tangible reminder of something that I’ve stuck with and persevered to complete. And because I didn’t set a resolution to “knit for 20 minutes every day,” I can go at my own pace and check in with myself regularly to make sure my intention is being fulfilled. Making a lifestyle change isn’t as simple as declaring that you’ll do something; it’s a complex process. By approaching everything with a clear intention—as opposed to a rigid goal—you (and I) stand a much better chance of making real, long-term shifts in the way we live.

That’s my take on 2017. What’s your approach to the new year?


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