Try This After a Tough Workout


More and more, people are making fitness a part of their everyday routine. Perhaps you fit in a yoga class after a long day at work or jump start your morning with a cardio-filled spin class. Regardless of which workout you choose, your fitness routine can often lead to soreness. Stretching, drinking water and taking a warm bath will all aid in muscle recovery, but there’s an even simpler way to recuperate: a sports massage. Sports massage isn’t reserved for professional athletes or those training for marathons, it’s the perfect complement to any exercise routine. This relaxing form of muscle recovery targets muscle-tendon junctions with stroking movements, deep kneading, stretching and trigger point therapy. During a sports massage, a massage therapist focuses on the muscle groups stressed during your specific kind of activity. Scientific studies also show that a sports massage immediately after a high-intensity workout decreases inflammation and boasts the following benefits:


Reduced Muscle Soreness

Though you may feel invigorated and energized during a workout, muscle pain the following day is a frequent side effect. A sports massage can help accelerate the body’s natural restorative process against delayed onset muscle soreness and shorten recovery time as much as 50%!

Optimized Performance

Regular sports massage trains muscles to respond more quickly, efficiently and powerfully. This prepares the body for strenuous activity and peak performance.

Increased Flexibility

Techniques used during sports massage stretch muscles with more care than solo stretching. The pressure of a massage therapist’s strokes increase circulation to muscles and prepare them for a deeper stretch.

Less Risk of Injury

Sports massage improves the overall health of muscles and can help prevent and reduce injuries. Incorporating regular massage into an exercise routine means that each muscle group receives special attention and care. A regular massage routine is also said to improve the career lifespan of an athlete.

Improved Muscle Health

Sports massage reduces metabolic waste buildup in muscle tissues by improving the effectiveness of the circulatory system. This system delivers oxygen and nutrients like glucose and electrolytes to the muscle. The circulatory system discards metabolic by-products and waste like lactic acid, cortisol, norepinephrine and epinephrine—all chemicals that your body releases in stressful situations. Consider incorporating sports massage into your regular fitness routine. Before getting started, take a look at your workout routine. A massage should be enjoyed 1 to 2 days after or before a particularly challenging workout. If your muscles are very sore after an intense workout, wait 2-3 days for soreness to dissipate before booking your massage.

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    January 21, 2017

    Thank you! Love it!

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    February 11, 2017

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