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Hi folks! I’m Dr. Zelana Montminy, Health and Wellness Expert for Suja—one of Fabletics’ new VIP Wellness Partners! With 2017 in full swing, we wanted to give you a heads up on some superfood trends for the new year. Loaded with nutrients, these powerhouse foods are sure to keep you fueled up and feeling incredible all year long!


Collard + 12 Essentials Blog

Collard Greens

We all know about kale, but believe it or not collard greens actually have more nutrients. They deliver carotenoids, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Folate and Manganese, which all help our immunity, detoxify and give our body the antioxidants it needs. The Vitamin K also helps with bone growth and, because of all its fiber, can help maintain healthy levels of cholesterol as well.

My Suja Juice pick for Collards: Glow


Fuel + Turmeric Blog


This is exercise-induced inflammation’s best weapon due to the main active compound, Curcumin. Not only will it battle workout inflammation in our body, it can also increase our focus and energy by helping our brain create beneficial hormones.

My Suja Juice pick for Turmeric: Fuel



My new favorite green, Parsley has antioxidants to help prevent cell damage, plus Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Folic Acid, Iron, Calcium and Magnesium. Who would think something used as a garnish can be so potent? Its nutrients and oils promote relaxation of smooth muscle tissue and help maintain good vision, blood circulation and heart health.*

My Suja Juice pick for Parsley: Twelve Essentials



An oldie but goodie, lemon is back and powerful for a reason! It has Vitamin C and antioxidants needed for cell repair. Lemon is detoxifying and also great for our skin by helping build collagen and cleansing our body. Not to mention it’s a powerful post-workout inflammation fighter and immunity booster!

My Suja Juice pick for Lemon: Lemon Love


Purify + Beet Blog


Dense with nutrients, including Potassium (critical for healthy muscle function), Betaine, Manganese (good for bones, plus kidney and pancreatic function), Folate and immune-boosting Vitamin C, beet juice has been used by athletes to enhance performance as it improves blood flow to muscles and the removal of byproducts such as lactic acid.

My Suja Juice pick for Beets: Purify



A good old apple a day really does keep the doctor away. And eat the peel too! Apples have a variety of vitamins including Vitamin C (especially within its skin), Riboflavin, Thiamin and Vitamin B-6. Apple’s antioxidants are super powerful so eat (or drink) up!

My Suja Juice pick for Apple: Green Supreme



Known as the “Gold of the Incas,” Lucuma’s super low Glycemic index means it’s a great sweetener. It has Carotene, which is good for our eyes. Plus, it has anti-inflammatory properties, which are always a plus when fighting that post-exercise inflammation!

My Suja Juice pick for Lucuma: Blue Dream


Master Cleanse + Cayenne Blog


We’ve been hearing about lemon and cayenne first thing in the morning for quite some time now, but cayenne on its own is awesome too. Spicy food and drinks are all the rage this year for good reason. Capsaicin, the substance that gives Cayenne its spicy taste, kicks your metabolism into high gear. It’s a source of Vitamins C, A and E and can also help with digestive issues. And why does your nose clear when eating spice? Because capsaicin stimulates your nasal passages to open up too!

My Suja Juice pick for Cayenne: Master Cleanse



This porous substance has the same effect in the body as outside the body. It traps chemicals and toxins in its pores, allowing them to be flushed out more easily. The perfect tool for a good detox!

My Suja Juice pick for Charcoal: Midnight Tonic (sadly, no longer available but I grabbed a 6-pack of their limited edition run and loved it! Secretly hoping they launch it again soon.)


*Please note pregnant women and those taking blood thinners should talk to their doctors about ingesting parsley in high doses.


Dr. Zelana Montminy

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