New Year, New Role: Ginger Ressler is our new Chief Performance Officer


You’ve seen her scaling rock faces (in the wind and rain) in Iceland, mastering a new move every day on Instagram and heading up our #FableticsSquad, but now Ginger Ressler’s latest (and most exciting) challenge is as our newly appointed Chief Performance Officer! Based on our mission to make a healthy lifestyle accessible to every woman, we created this new role to ensure that performance was represented in every single thing we do. We already turn to Ginger for her athletic expertise and insight on just about everything—from the way a new fabric feels after a long run to how a businesswoman can fit a workout into her limited free time, or design features that make working out more effective for moms (because on top of everything else, Ginger has 4 young kids)!

In her new role, Ginger will lead the charge for constant innovation at Fabletics by ensuring that every aspect of the brand enhances the performance potential of fitness experts, first-timers and modern moms alike. As an accomplished athlete herself, Ginger will continue to lead the #FableticsSquad, coaching our community to reach their fitness goals by making workouts accessible and fun for every woman. Ginger will also introduce you to the who’s-who of the fitness community–starting with free VIP-exclusive workout videos from acclaimed celebrity trainer Body by Simone—to ensure we bring you the freshest content from the industry’s best.

To kick off January—our most performance-focused month—we grabbed a few minutes with our new Chief Performance Officer (and longtime Chief Motivator) to get her take on her role, the future of Fabletics and her personal goals for 2017!

Congratulations on your new role! What does the title “Chief Performance Officer” mean to you?

Thank you! First of all, I think it’s really exciting that we created a “Chief Performance Officer” role. While it’s not a traditional title, it’s something that’s so critical at Fabletics, based on our mission to make fitness accessible and enjoyable. It’s important to have a single person looking at everything in the business from that perspective and I love that it makes us even more unique as a brand. For me, it’s about always making sure we’re authentic about how we approach fitness, and having someone with an athletic background (and passion) is so important for that. It was also such a natural evolution because everything in my day-to-day life is all about performance, so this is a perfect fit!

 What will your new role entail?

Everything! I’m going to be involved in our product design and styling, specifically from a performance point-of-view, to make sure we’re using the most up-to-date technology, pushing our performance-enhancing designs and constantly innovating to make our product the very best it can be. I’ll also be looking at other areas of the business from that perspective, to make sure we’re always thinking about how our members really use our clothes in their day-to-day lives. I’ll be the voice of performance throughout the company—from working hands-on with product to training our Fabletics Squad—and will be introducing leaders in the fitness community to share their ideas with us as well, which I’m really excited about!

How do you see Fabletics evolving in the next few years?

We’re going to focus a lot of effort on continuing to build our community because sharing encouragement, inspiration and motivation with other women makes living a healthy lifestyle and reaching your goals so much more attainable (and enjoyable). We’re about to introduce some very exciting VIP perks that start to make Fabletics membership much more of an experience, with exclusive activities that members can participate in. As our community grows, there will be a lot more of those things to look forward to! As we continue to build out our extended sizes and plus collections, we’re going to concentrate on making sure we have something to offer everybody—every woman at every level of fitness for every lifestyle—which is something I’m really passionate about.

 What’s your favorite thing about Fabletics as a company?

Our team, hands down. You can work as hard as you want, but if you don’t have the right team, you’re not going to get too far. At Fabletics, we all work super hard, but we also don’t take ourselves too seriously, so there’s always time for some fun. It’s a great environment to work in, alongside people who truly love what they do every day. What’s even better is that we’re all so passionate about bringing our members the best experience possible and they are so passionate in their love for the brand that we get to see and hear about how much of a difference we’re making in their lives every day.

Other than your exciting new role, what goals do you have for 2017?

Between work, family and everything else, I’d say being able to balance it all (and still sneak in some me-time) is a good goal! J


Stay tuned to The Core for much more from our Chief Performance Officer!