In Detail: A Closer Look at February Prints


There’s no better way to welcome the month of love than with prints that you’ll fall head over sneakers for! But instead of your typical heart designs, limited to pinks and purples, we thought outside the box, crafting patterns fit for every personality. Let’s take a look:


Digital Print

“Give your classic stripes a rest and try this futuristic take instead! Since the pattern is busy, stick to solid colors when coordinating your outfit.” –Shaun Kearney, VP of Design

February is still taking inspiration from the ‘80s with super saturated colors merged into a digital-influenced design. This print—almost like a futuristic plaid—is great for the cardio lover because just looking at it will make you want to start moving!


Micro Linear

“Black and white never go out of style. Enjoy the versatility of this print by wearing it anywhere, even outside the gym!” –Shaun Kearney, VP of Design

Attention all print and color shy, this month we designed a pattern just for you. with a classic black-and-white color scheme, you can still make a statement in a subtle way. With curved, stencil-thin lines against black and white backgrounds, doubling up on print is easy. So easy that a lot of our styles play with the contrasting prints side by side.


Mist Ombré

“Since this print has such a soft aesthetic, pair it with draped details, tissue-soft knits or relaxed silhouettes.” –Shaun Kearney, VP of Design

We decided to pay homage to last year’s best-selling Goddess Print by making small tweaks, like adding softer colors and an abstract palm print underlay. This dreamy design is soothing and romantic, making it the perfect pattern to reach for during the month of love.


Blueprint Floral

“I love this print because it offers such a different approach to florals. The black and white scheme with hints of color makes this design wearable all year long.” –Shaun Kearney, VP of Design

Our VIP-exclusive print was handmade just for you! Stenciled by our designers, this floral pattern is as unique as you are. Bold blues and pinks are balanced by black and white, and what better place to wear a balanced print than to your yoga class?


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