Do This for Super Sexy Arms


Spring is almost here and that means warmer weather, which in turn means switching out sweaters for some cute arm-baring tanks. To get set for sunnier days, we put together 5 moves to target the arms. All moves are performed with a high rep count and low to medium weight, e.g. 20-40 reps or until fatigued. Ready, set, go!


1. Alternating Bicep Curls (Targets Biceps)

Grab a pair of 5-15lb dumbbells. Set your feet in a split stance position for more body control. Keep your arms straight in front of your body, hands resting on thighs, palms facing up. As one arm curls up to towards the shoulder, the other arm recovers straight down back to the thigh. Lock your elbows into your rib cage to prevent the upper body from swinging. 


2. Lateral Curls (Targets Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders)

Use a pair of 3-10lb dumbbells. Set your feet in a split stance position for more body control. Raise your arms laterally to shoulder height and hold with palms facing up. Bend at elbow and curl the dumbbell towards your shoulder, then recover back out to a lateral raise. This can be performed with both arms at once or by alternating right to left.


3. Arnold Press (Targets Shoulders)

With a pair of 8-20lb dumbbells, set your feet in a split stance position or hold a lunge. Begin with dumbbell curls into your collarbone, palms facing in. Press your arms straight above your shoulders while rotating palms forward. Recover back down to the collar bone as your palms rotate back in.


4. Tricep Dips (Targets Triceps, Shoulders)

Find a 2-3 foot box, some stairs, a park bench or even a chair and you can sculpt your arms and shoulders. Sit on the bench and place your hands right outside hip width with your fingers pointed towards your body. Remove your hips from the bench and straighten your legs. Bend at the elbow and slide back down the bench, press through your palms and lock out elbows.


5. Tricep Kickbacks (Targets Triceps)

Grab a pair of 5lb-15lb dumbbells. Set your feet under your hips with a slight bend in the knees. Hinge from your hips and tilt chest over thighs. Bring the dumbbells up to your ribs, elbows bent and pointed straight up to the ceiling. Straighten your arm backwards, creating a straight line from shoulder to hand and recover dumbbells back into your ribs. This can be performed with both arms at once or alternating right to left.


Now you’ve mastered the moves, show off the results with the perfect tank top.

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