Kate’s Take: Female Empowerment


Thinking about, speaking on and taking action to progress female empowerment is just as important today as it’s ever been. I’m sure you’ve heard me say it at least once (if not a hundred times): my mission at Fabletics from the very beginning was to empower women. Early on, I made a promise to myself that everything Fabletics did would be rooted in making women’s lives better—their bodies healthier, minds stronger and outlooks happier. This remains just as true today and is the number one factor I keep in mind when making business decisions. Looking back at the past few years, I’m so incredibly proud of all the work we’ve done—and continue to do—to keep this promise.

But let’s take a quick step back. What do I really mean by empowering women? And how can an activewear brand accomplish that?

Well, by “empowerment” I simply mean giving women access to tools that can help them live a better life, making it easier for them to achieve their goals, feel supported (and support others) and to truly believe in themselves. Honestly, not everybody can—or wants—to spend $100-$150 on a pair of great leggings, which ultimately means fewer women are experiencing the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of living an active lifestyle.

To that end, Fabletics was really designed with every woman in mind, because everyone deserves to feel fit, look incredible, be inspired and have fun. It’s not about being super competitive or fitting into some sort of mold; it’s about being the best you that you can be! That’s why we make it a priority to make our styles accessible to everyone, why we’re introducing extended sizes and why we give our VIPs perks like online workout classes, so that even more women can share in the excitement of the Fabletics community.

I also wanted to look further and see how the brand could take our message of female empowerment even further. That’s why we partnered with the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up movement—an organization that encourages girls to stand up for and support other girls across the world, helping the hardest-to-reach girls living in places where it is hardest to be a girl by changing policies and raising funds to improve their lives. With this partnership, we help to raise funds and awareness for some of the world’s most marginalized adolescent girls, ensuring that they are educated, healthy, safe and positioned to be leaders in their communities.

Above all, at Fabletics we’re dedicated to creating a strong community of women who can empower one another to ensure we’re all living our best lives. That’s my mission, that’s the true meaning of Fabletics and that’s why I couldn’t be happier that over 1 million of you have joined me on this journey. 🙂


Kate’s Take is a recurring monthly blog series with Fabletics Co-Founder Kate Hudson. Check back every month for Kate’s thoughts on a brand new topic! 

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