How our Stylist Mixes Prints & Colors


With the arrival of our most colorful collection to date and the start of spring just around the corner, we’re ready to introduce color back into our wardrobes in a major way. To get the ground rules on how to masterfully mix prints and colors like a pro, we turned to our superstar stylist Eunice for her dos and don’t when it comes to color- (and print-) blocking.


“In my opinion, there shouldn’t be any rules of what doesn’t work but there are standards for what works really well. For me it’s all grounded in bold and soft mixing.”


Bold Mixing

To create a bold contrast with color-blocking, look for shades that are on the opposite ends of the color spectrum and put them together to create a strong statement. An example of this would be mixing red and green or blue and orange. For bold print mixing, there honestly aren’t any rules! Often the more extreme the contrast, the better it looks.


Soft Mixing

For a more subtle look, which is also very on-trend right now, try tones of the same color. This allows you to essentially wear one color from head-to-toe without it looking monochrome. Adding interest with different textures is key here too. For soft print mixing, try to work with a complementary color story. For example, mix two different black-and-white prints together. Overall, it always looks more effortless to be focused on prints or colors, not both.


Get started now with our colorful March collection!

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