Your Spring Forward Action Plan


You always hear about getting in your greens, but what about your yellows? We’re not talking about lemons or bananas—although those have their benefits too—we mean that feel-good, energy-boosting, immune-building Vitamin D that you get from none other than the sun. To start Daylight Savings Time and “spring forward” into a new season, we rounded up our favorite outdoor activities that take advantage of the extra hours of sunshine. Remember to slather on the sunscreen and layer on our UPF 50+ gear!





Whether you’re a beer lover, chocolate connoisseur or just enjoy taking in the scenery, there’s a good chance your hometown has some sort of walking tour, food tour or pub crawl. Ditch the car and explore your stomping ground the old-fashioned way. You’ll probably discover sites and shops that you have never seen before!



With the warmer weather comes a plethora of outdoor markets selling antiques, local fare and more. Bring a reusable tote and go to town (literally)! There’s no better feeling than coming home with something one-of-a-kind and enjoying the benefits of being in the great outdoors while doing it.



Yes, gardening is new, cool and relevant again! You don’t need a large space—with helpful, millennial-friendly gardening kits from brands like Ikea, you can even grow produce and flora without a large backyard. Do some research on what plants/veggies work best in your area, go to the nearest nursery and start growing your own greens. And the best perk? Some true farm-to-table food that’s healthy and delicious!



There’s no better way to spend time with your furry friend than at the park or on a hike. Both you and your pet will benefit from the fresh air and room to roam. Plus, there’s always the opportunity to make more friends with other pet owners who share like-minded interests! Bring some food and when you get to your destination, set up a picnic to enjoy the view from the top!


We hope you feel inspired to get outside and live it up. In the mood to shop some of our sun-safe gear? Take a look here.

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