A New Wave of Water Workouts


With pool season finally upon us, we’re already dipping our toes into water-friendly fitness routines, because we can all agree that adding water makes everything more fun! But beyond being enjoyable, water workouts are actually more beneficial for your body. The natural resistance of water helps you build muscles faster without causing damage to your joints and muscles. This in turn reduces blood pressure, burns even more calories and alleviates stress. So basically, we all need a little more water in our lives. Take a look at our 4 favorite wet and oh-so-wild workouts!



A workout that brings new meaning to the phrase “pool party.” Take off your dance shoes and jump in head first for one of our favorite low-impact aquatic classes. Show off the same Zumba moves you already know with increased resistance and decreased impact!



Go beyond the mat and into the blue for a unique water yoga experience. Stretch, strengthen and soothe your body like you’ve never done before. When you’re done with your sequence, make some time for an end-of-class meditation. Lie on your back and let your body float for an out-of-this-world feeling.



Add some splash to your typical spin routine by taking it to the pool. Hop on your bike, turn up the tunes and enjoy the resistance of peddling through water. Not only is this workout intense and effective, it also actively aids in full-body recovery at the same time.



It’s all about that (aqua)base when it comes to this up-and-coming workout class. People are going crazy over this incredible high-intensity interval training, which involves working out on floating mats. The instability of the mat forces you to keep your body stabilized, setting your core into overdrive. And if you’re strong enough to stay afloat, you don’t even have to get wet at all!


No pool, no problem? Check out your local gym or YMCA for a schedule of water workouts. Especially during the warmer months, there should be an endless supply! And in case you want a new suit to get you started, we have a new swimwear collection that just landed!

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