Kate’s Take: The Power of Travel


Change is a constant in my life, and that includes where I am in the world at any given moment (literally). Whether it’s for work, a family vacation or an impromptu getaway, I spend a lot of time traveling. Thankfully, even though it’s an inescapable part of my life, it’s also something I crave. While it’s easy to focus on the stresses and strains of a lifestyle that involves being in constant motion, I’ve learned to truly embrace it. Of course, there are days when I’d rather be lounging around at home instead of getting on another flight, but when those moments arise, I remind myself why I love to travel so much. Here are just a few of the reasons:


It’s about discovery and self-discovery

Being exposed to different cultures, customs and languages can be a transformative experience. Not only are you constantly learning new and exciting things about the world we live in, but these often make way for personal insights into what you love and are passionate about. If I had never traveled, I would never have found some of my favorite restaurants, museums, art galleries, hiking trails, beaches, etc. On a deeper level, I would never have discovered the affinity I have for certain cultures, beliefs and ways of life. A large part of who I am is a result of my experiences spent traveling the world.


It gets you out of your comfort zone

Challenging yourself and your preconceived notions of how the world works can be a wonderful thing. Travel can be scary, especially if it’s somewhere that’s entirely different to what you’re used to back home. Again, travel is about opening your eyes and honing in on your sense of adventure. Don’t be afraid to push yourself to explore new places and try new things. It’s what makes life so exciting!


It puts things in perspective

Perhaps my favorite reason to travel is for a well-needed break from the nonstop pace of everyday life. It’s easy to get caught up in the minute details of your job, your family, your friends, your relationships and start feeling like getting away will cause everything to come crashing down. In fact, the opposite is true, if you don’t prioritize time to relax and renew, you’ll be the one who reaches a breaking point! Travel has an incredible way of putting everything in perspective. Gazing out over an awe-inspiring view suddenly makes the disagreement you had the other day seem like nothing to worry about at all.


So, whenever it’s possible within your own life, try to take the time to escape your everyday and discover somewhere entirely new. Whether it’s halfway across the globe or a short drive away, the distance will do you a world of good!


Kate’s Take is a recurring monthly blog series with Fabletics Co-Founder Kate Hudson. Check back every month for Kate’s thoughts on a brand new topic!

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