Kate’s Simple Summer Cleanse


I love to cleanse. Whenever I’m feeling sluggish, run down or just not myself, a cleanse is like instantly hitting the reset button. While I do two major cleanses per year (one in the spring and one in the fall), I also do shorter mini-cleanses whenever I feel like my body needs a break. Even though they can be challenging, I always come out of a cleanse feeling energized and way more focused.

For a simple cleanse that’s great for summer, just cut out the worst offender of all: sugar! Removing sugar from your diet helps regulate your digestion, reduces inflammation and helps your body get rid of stored fat. It’s not always easy, but it’s always effective!

Try this for 2-3 days to start, if you feel much better after that time, keep going until you’ve reached 5 full days.

1. Avoid any foods that contain added sugar (usually anything pre-packaged). Stick to whole, fresh foods only.

2. Say goodbye to any beverages that contain added sugar, high-fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. Also, no alcohol!

3. Eat a good serving (the size of your palm) of lean protein at every meal. This helps curb sugar cravings and makes you feel full.

4. Up your veggie intake. This also dulls sugar cravings.

5. Continue to eat good fats like nuts, seeds, extra-virgin olive oil and avocados. These will also help you feel full and satisfied.

That’s it! Give this quick sugar cleanse a try and kick start your summer.

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