Ten Minutes to Tighten and Tone


We all lead super busy lives spent rushing from one thing to the next, but is that a reason to skip healthier goals? It shouldn’t be! What if you could complete a total body blast in exactly 9 minutes, 30 seconds? Feel free to wipe your sweat off the floor when you’re done…

Here’s what you’ll need: your own bodyweight, a 5-7 lb. dumbbell and a chair or step. I also suggest downloading an interval timer app like “Seconds,” which is free in the App Store. Keep each exercise to 30 seconds with a 60 second break after each set. This equates to 2-and-a-half minutes moving, 1-minute rest.  5 exercises per set, 3 sets in total. Alright, let’s do this!


Burpee Squats: There’s probably no greater love/hate feeling than that of the burpee. These power movements burn every large muscle in the body. Dreaded, yet so effective. Your legs and booty will thank you.


Walkout to Pushup: What a great warmup to the last 3 exercises in the circuit. Let’s call it a 3-in-1 because you start in a squat, walk into a straight arm plank and finish with a push-up, all before having to push your body back upright again. It especially targets the core, back, chest and arms.


Rotating Side Planks: Any variation on a plank is your best friend. What you’ll like most about these side alternating planks is that not too much time is spent in a static position the way a classic plank would be. You’re twisting your body and hitting your oblique muscles as well as your back and shoulders.


Bench Dips: This is where a dining room chair can be used for something more than just eating a meal. Position yourself face out with your wrists firm and secure behind you. For 30 seconds, you’re isolating this smaller set of arm muscles known as the triceps.


Plank Row Aka Renegade Row: This last exercise is the ultimate test of core strength. It starts off easy with a basic straight arm plank, but once you lift that dumbbell off the ground, the exercise intensifies. You want to keep your hips parallel to the ground; everything in your core along with muscles in your shoulders, back, chest, hips and quads should be firing to keep you in the proper position. The kicker is you only have one arm for support.


These circuit sets are not easy, but they are definitely worth it… and after 10 minutes, you’re done! The best part is you’ll be in an “after burn” of calories long after you’ve finished, so get going.


Natasha Maxwell, TheMaxwellMethod.com

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