Demi’s Diary: My Approach to Style


When it comes to fashion, you could definitely call me a risk-taker! Self-expression has always been incredibly important to me and the way I see it, style lets me share my creative perspective, push the envelope and show some personality, whether I’m on stage, at home or in the gym.

I can honestly say that I’ve never felt more confident and self-assured than I do right now, and a lot of that is from working with such an amazing stylist— Avo Yermagyan—to keep experimenting and evolving. Together, we’ve found a great balance of playing with new looks, while making sure everything feels 100% me.

Even though my style might change, my approach has always stayed pretty consistent. When I’m putting a look together, there are a few things that I always consider:


Keep it Comfortable

First off, I think it’s so important to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. That doesn’t mean I want to feel like I’m wearing sweats 24/7, but I need to feel at ease and like I can move freely (especially important on stage or in the gym). When I’m wearing something that works with my body, I feel totally confident and ready to take on anything. If you’re thinking too much about what you’re wearing, how you look or constantly stopping to adjust your outfit, it’s not the best look for you.

Photo: @ddlovato

Break the Rules

For me, fashion is somewhere to be brave and bold—whether that means being a little daring or trying something that hasn’t been done before. I definitely like a little drama when it comes to my style—structured silhouettes, sexy details and statement embellishments just speak to me—so Avo and I search for those unique pieces and unexpected combinations that have a bit of a daring, rebellious streak. Overall, I’d say my vibe is sophisticated, sexy and strong.

Photo: @ddlovato

Switch Things Up

Most days, I’m doing a million different things and love it when my outfit can handle all of them. One thing I’ve learned? Layer, layer, layer! Whether it’s clothing or accessories. That way you can easily mix things up throughout the day without needing a complete outfit change, which is key when you’re traveling. My Fabletics leggings are a major part of my day-to-day wardrobe for that very reason.

Photo: @ddlovato

Stay True to You

For me, this goes hand-in-hand with feeling comfortable. If something doesn’t feel like me, I can tell right away. While I love infusing new elements into my look—old Hollywood glamour, ‘80s punk and futuristic edge to name a few—I’m don’t wear anything that makes me feel like I’m playing dress up or becoming a character—I always want my style to be reflective of who I am.

Photo: @ddlovato

Make it Fun

Lastly (but maybe most importantly), fashion should always be fun! I never take myself or my style too seriously, which is why I like to throw in playful touches here and there. I always have a ton of fun with my hair and makeup too because if it’s the same for too long, I get the urge to make a change. Basically, if you’re not having a great time expressing yourself with fashion, you’re kind of missing the point!


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