Your July Fitness Forecast Revealed


Whether you’re a barre regular or a marathon runner, your choice of workout is as personal as you are. If you’re ready to try something new this summer but feel overwhelmed with choice, just look to the stars (and we’re not talking about our Co-Founder Kate). Find your sign below and see how you should be sweating it out this month!


Jun 21 – Jul 23

Your Workout: As a more sensitive sign that puts home, family and security first, an at-home workout is a great idea for July! For some quick, no-equipment-required sessions, try our VIP Studio Series; it’ll put you through your paces without ever having to leave home.

Your Mantra: Strive for progress, not perfection.

Your Wellness Tip: Try water infused with electrolytes for extra hydration (you’re a water sign, after all).



Jul 23 – Aug 23

Your Workout: This month, try a workout that caters to your social side, like a new dance, kickboxing or yoga class. Leos tend to enjoy group activities (especially where they can be the center of attention) so use the upbeat energy of being around others to keep you motivated!

Your Mantra: Do more of what makes you happy.

Your Wellness Tip: Pace yourself! Burnout is real (especially for fire signs).



Aug 23 – Sep 23

Your Workout: Whichever workout you try, you need it to be meticulously organized in advance. It’s just less stress, right? This month, try out a CrossFit class. The structured schedule will appeal to your hyper-organized side and will help you see it through to the end.

Your Mantra: Today is the beginning of whatever you want.

Your Wellness Tip: Try waking up an hour earlier to get your workout completed first thing.



Sep 23 – Oct 23

Your Workout: Your sign is all about balance, so working out as one half of a duo makes perfect sense for July. Try tennis, squash, volleyball or any other activity that involves a partner to keep you on track and on your toes.

Your Mantra: Work out. Eat well. Be patient.

Your Wellness Tip: Clear your home of junk food so you won’t be tempted to overindulge.



Oct 23 – Nov 22

Your Workout: Your dedicated and persistent nature immediately lends itself to endurance tasks like marathon running. Set a goal for yourself, train hard and then see the fruits of your labor—if anyone has the commitment, it’s you, Scorpio!

Your Mantra: The body achieves what the mind believes.

Your Wellness Tip: Practice positive reinforcement every morning.



Nov 22 – Dec 22

Your Workout: Sagittarius, you’re a lover of freedom, travel and exploration, so your July workout has to be outdoors. Whether it’s a morning class in the park or a challenging hike, try an activity that will ignite your sense of adventure.

Your Mantra: Find your comfort zone, then leave it.

Your Wellness Tip: Tune in to how your body responds to certain foods and exercises throughout the day.



Dec 23 – Jan 20

Your Workout: As one of the more individualistic signs, sticking to a prescribed plan just isn’t for you. Try creating your own workout regimen based on high-octane activities that excite you, like rock climbing or even a course like Tough Mudder.

Your Mantra: There is no finish line.

Your Wellness Tip: Add an extra 5 minutes of stretching after every workout.



Jan 20 – Feb 18

Your Workout: Highly intelligent and motivated by being around others, Aquarians thrive in group settings where they are continually challenged. Your July workout? An MMA class! If it feels intimidating, grab some friends to take it with you.

Your Mantra: Know your limitations, then defy them.

Your Wellness Tip: Go to sleep at a regular time every night to get your body used to a routine.



Feb 18 – Mar 20

Your Workout: You’re all about the mind-body-soul connection, so this month, try out a new yoga class. Use this time as an opportunity to be truly mindful, not just get in shape. Delving deeper into meditation would also work well with your spiritual nature.

Your Mantra: Become the best version of yourself.

Your Wellness Tip: Eat one additional green food per day.



Mar 20 – Apr 20

Your Workout: As a fire sign, you need your workouts to be imaginative, inspiring and varied. This July, try investing in some personalized training sessions. Getting an experience that’s tailored to you will keep you on your toes.

Your Mantra: Sweat now, shine later.

Your Wellness Tip: Try a 10-minute meditation first thing every morning.



Apr 20 – May 21

Your Workout: You have an iron will that just needs to be stimulated! The first step for you is making sure that you feel truly comfortable and confident in your clothing and environment. So put on your favorite Fabletics and get yourself to a challenging barre class.

Your Mantra: Be the girl that decided to go for it.

Your Wellness Tip: Make sure you take time away from your smartphone, computer and TV for at least an hour before bed.



May 21 – Jun 21

Your Workout: You crave constant variety and newness, so HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) was made for you. A challenging workout that focuses on intense bursts of activity and short rests, HIIT will keep you engaged and excited from beginning to end.

Your Mantra: You’re only one workout away from a good mood.

Your Wellness Tip: Try increasing the number of plant-based foods you eat every day.

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