Your Summer Shape Up Plan


It’s the time of the year to buckle down and tone it up… summer has arrived! Here you will find four body focused circuits that will guarantee you’ll be strutting confidence down the beach all summer long! We will isolate the arms, abs, booty and legs to give you that well-rounded feel and look you want. There is a hyper-focus on toning and strength, but there is also integrated metabolic exercises to get that heart rate up as well!

Circuits: You will do 3-4 rounds with 16 reps per exercise with no rest in-between. If you’re just start out, take it down a notch and rest for 1 minute in-between each round. Feel free to double up on circuits (arms & abs one day, booty & legs the next).




Shoulder Tap: Go into a straight arm plank position, your shoulders should be directly over your wrists. Proceed by tapping your fingers to your opposite shoulder, alternating left and right. Focus on not letting your hips rock back and forth. (16 reps each side)


Curl + Press: Holding a dumbbell in each hand at your sides, stand in a strong postural position: shoulders back, pop your chest and have soft knees. Curl the dumbbells towards your shoulders and proceed to press directly up towards the ceiling, fully extending your elbows. When curling, be sure not to let your elbows flare out to ensure you’re working strictly your bicep.


Push-Up + Pike: Go into a straight arm plank position, your shoulders should be directly over your wrists. Bend your elbows so that your chest is nearly touching the ground, drive back up, fully extending your arms, and without pause, shift your weight back towards your heels and your hips up towards the ceiling into your pike position.


Row + Kickback: Holding two dumbbells, hinge over at your hips making sure your back is flat (or having a slight natural curve — be sure you’re not rounded) and soft knees. With arms extended, squeeze your shoulder blades pulling your elbows back. Proceed to extend your arms, engaging your triceps. Bring them back to a 90 degree and extend straight down.


Dip: Using a box or chair, grip the edge behind you with your arms extended and knees slightly bent (the further out and straighter they are, the harder it is). Let your hips sink as your bend your elbows, and then fully extend driving through your triceps and extending your hips back high.


Circuit 2 ABS:


Russian Twists: Seated on the ground, knees bent with feet in the air, twist with a weighted ball in your hands towards the ground engaging the oblique. Proceed to extend arms straight forward centered with your body and then twist to the other side towards the ground again. (16 reps each side)


Body Saw: Start in a forearm plank position. Shoulders should be stacked over your elbows and your hips should be level. Shift forward and back, bringing your shoulders in front of your elbows then back shifting weight in the direction of your heels. Forward and back is one rep.


L Leg Raises: Start on your back, one leg hovering an inch above the ground while the other pointing towards the ceiling, both legs fully extended. With a slow tempo, switch leg positions, not letting either leg touch the ground on transitions. (16 reps each side)


Circuit 3 BOOTY:


Fire Hydrants: Starting on all fours in a table top position, open up your hips laterally on one side drawing your leg towards the ceiling. Keep your leg in a 90 degree position and in line with your base leg and then back down to your side. (16 reps each side)


Kick-Outs: Starting on all fours in a table top position, leading with your heel, kick one of your legs straight up towards the ceiling and then back down to your side.


One Leg Bridge: Starting on your back, knees bent, shift your hips up towards the ceiling, keeping them in line with your body the whole time. Draw your knee up towards your chest maintaining a 90 degree angle with your leg. Alternate left and right. (16 reps each side)


Lunge Pulse: Start in a split stance position with legs straight. Bend your knees into a stationary lunge position. With a small movement, you will extend your legs back and forth from a lunge position and a straight leg position. Be sure to drive through your front heel while keeping your knee directly over it.


Kettlebell Swings: With a wide stance, hold a kettlebell with both hands in between your legs. With a slight bend of your knees, quickly hinge forward bringing the kettlebell towards your heels and in one motion, pop your hips and engage your glutes forward. The kettlebell will fly forward and up. All the power should derive from your booty and hips, your arms are only going for the ride.


Circuit 4 LEGS:


Squat Pulse + Jump: Starting in a standing position go down into a squat position — think weight should be shifted back on your heels, knees NOT over your toes, and your chest tall. Pulse out three squats, going up and down by just a few inches. After three, go straight from a squat position and power through jumping into the air as high as you can go.


Forward/Reverse Lunge: Go into a forward lunge. Your back knee should get depth, getting close to the ground. Drive back up through your heel, and stand tall. Quickly shift directly into a reverse lunge with the same leg. Make sure your knees once again don’t go over your toes and keep good posture! (8 reps each direction)


Bulgarian Split Squat: Using a box or chair, one foot should be planted on the ground while one foot rests back on the box. Start with your front leg extended and proceed to bend your knee, letting your back knee sink towards the ground. Like a lunge, drive through your heel back to the start position. (16 reps each side)


Box Jump: Load into a squat position behind a box. In one motion, using your arms to pump, jump up on the box, landing soft. Challenge yourself for height each time and be sure to land soft. Be sure to step off the box afterwards to save your knees from any extra unnecessary impact.


Wall Sit: Start by having your back flush against a wall with knees bent. Your legs should make a 90 degree box and quads should be parallel to the ground. For this exercise, hold for 30 seconds.


-Meagan Fulps, Lead Trainer at SpeedplayLA


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