These 3 Power Looks Come Stylist-Approved


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I always find that one of the first things people ask me when they find out I’m a stylist is: “OK, how do I mix and match prints without looking crazy?” For a quick 101, check out my blog here. If you’re already up to speed on the basics, let’s talk August…

Honestly, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this month’s collection; the colors and prints are such a perfect balance of pretty and powerful that styling my three favorite looks was a dream come true. This month is all about movement, so I wanted that to be reflected in every look by getting the just right amount of contrast and the right amount of harmony. See for yourself:


Look 1: For the Modern Dancer

Amna Reflective Sports Bra (Camo Flurry Print) + Viviana High-Waisted 7/8 Capri (Lightspeed Print)

As we move towards Fall, our prints transition into beautiful, layered shades of purple. The Amna Bra in Camo Flurry offers a feminine take on a traditionally masculine print, which is further accented by sexy mesh detailing. I paired it with our Viviana Capri in Lightspeed, which is a mixture of soft movement and intense definition, amped up by the style’s contoured detailing. The contrast between the two prints is softened by the same color story and reminds me of the freedom and fluidity of dance.


Look 2: For the Power Yogi

Monique Sports Bra (Lightspeed Print) + PowerForm Dhyana Legging (Midnight Lily Print)

Our new PowerForm leggings in the Midnight Lily print are my absolute favorite. They’re designed to be insanely soft and move with your body, so much so that you don’t feel like you’re wearing anything! The floral has such an effortlessly romantic feel that I wanted to create a strong contrast with this look. I put it with our Monique Sports Bra in Lightspeed, which has linear elastic mesh straps and a bottom band to enhance the feel of movement. For me, this is the fashion-forward way to do yoga.


Look 3: For the Meditation Guru

Clarissa Outfit (Aster Heather and Eclipse)

The other great thing about August is that each outfit is already perfectly curated, so if you don’t want to mix things up, you can just grab a matching set. I loved our Clarissa outfit so much that I couldn’t break it up! The move-easy seamless construction, soft color palette and fluid linear design make it feel super feminine and modern. It has an understated, calming quality that’s perfect as-is or with some subtle gold accents added for good measure.


To shop all of our August prints before they’re gone, click here.

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