Demi Lovato’s Five August Favorites


OK, so after working on a collection for so long (and obsessing over every last detail), it’s really tough to pick your favorite pieces! I know I said it last time, but I’m saying it again. Thankfully, this time we created fully styled outfits, so I don’t just have to pick out individual pieces. Of course, I love every single style from the new collection, but these are the outfits that I’ve been wearing the most, so they have a special place in my heart (and my closet)…















1. Ringer Outfit

This outfit has definitely become my go-to for working out or running around trying to get a million things done at once. I love how we carried the linear motif and mesh detailing through each piece, from the bra to the tank to the leggings. The Tansy Tank was a fan-favorite last time so we brought it back in black and magenta, which is a color combo I’m really into at the moment. This is my all-around fave!















2. Parry Outfit

I can’t get enough of the Bella Midi Jacket and have been throwing it on over anything and everything. The ruched neck detailing and contrasting materials make it super comfortable; it’s the perfect post-workout jacket. I also love pairing it with the Tanya legging, which is a super flattering high-waisted style in an edgy black and magenta ombré finish.















3. Spar Outfit

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with this outfit… it’s kind of the perfect throw-on-and-go look. The High-Waisted Legging is a Fabletics best-seller, so I updated it here with a cool feather print. Then, I paired it with the Lanelle Tank, which is built for performance but still feels sleek and sexy because of how we contoured the silhouette and added open-back detailing. You can easily throw a denim jacket or a bomber over this and be good to go for pretty much anything.















4. Champ Outfit

Shorts and a hoodie make a great combo, which is why I had to include this outfit in my top five. The Merritt Short has high-contrast black and white with tie-front detailing for the perfect mix of sporty and sexy. And the Maren Hoodie has a cute cropped silhouette and mixed material detailing. I wore this look on the shoot and didn’t want to take it off!















5. Hustle Outfit

Last but not least is the Hustle outfit: a bold midi bra and tights in a colorful magenta and black heathered finish. This outfit is probably the standout of the collection just because it’s colorful from head to toe. It’s seamless, so it’s super comfortable, body-contouring and definitely feels a little bit sexier. I’d probably wear this for yoga or even just lounging around the house (if I had a ton of time to lounge around the house)!


See all my favorites and the rest of my limited-edition collection right here!

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