Your September Fashion Forecast Revealed


September is unofficial Fashion Month, where runways around the world start displaying the latest trends and we all start thinking about what our new-season look will be. If you’re feeling spoilt for choice, just look to the stars! Find your sign below and see how you should be styling it out this month.

Aug 23 – Sep 23

Your Look: September is your month, and that means your signature elegant-meets-earthy style takes center stage. Look for warm colors, textured finishes and touches of shine, just like our Robin outfit offers.
Your Mantra: Good clothes take you good places.
Your Style Tip: Add an unexpected touch of gold to your favorite look.
Sep 23 – Oct 23

Your Look: Libras have exceptional personal style and strike the right balance between trying new trends and wearing what works best for them. This month’s ultra feminine Amy outfit was made for you!
Your Mantra: Style is all about balance.
Your Style Tip: Throw on extra layers to make your look work all day long.
Oct 23 – Nov 22

Your Look: Scorpios love to celebrate their bodies with flattering cuts and sleek fabrics. This month, opt for something that brings out your innate power like our Hustle outfit.
Your Mantra: Wear what you love.
Your Style Tip: Try infusing a little more color into your wardrobe to usher in fall.
Nov 22 – Dec 22

Your Look: Free-spirited and optimistic, your style is truly one of a kind. You can pull off bold colors, busy prints and statement pieces with ease, which is why you need to rock our Corinne outfit this September.
Your Mantra: Forget the rules.
Your Style Tip: If there’s one month to mix prints, it’s September!
Dec 23 – Jan 20

Your Look: You’re a sophisticated sign and as such you’re all about beautiful cuts, classic hues and a touch of luxury. Might we suggest this month’s Sahar outfit?
Your Mantra: Great style is an investment.
Your Style Tip: Dress up your favorite leggings with a pair of dramatic heels.
Jan 20 – Feb 18

Your Look: Super expressive and always unique, you’re one sign who knows how to throw things together and make it look effortless. September’s Alix outfit is totally you.
Your Mantra: It’s not about brand, it’s about style.
Your Style Tip: Always wear one thing that’s deeply personal to you.
Feb 18 – Mar 20

Your Look: Your imagination and sensitivity are your best qualities and should be expressed in how you dress. Look for styles with a touch of whimsy (that also feel great to touch). How about this month’s Marly outfit?
Your Mantra: Let your creativity fly free!
Your Style Tip: Try wearing at least one color you’ve never worn before.
Mar 20 – Apr 20

Your Look: You’re full of fire when it comes to your personality and your style: bold colors, crisp shapes and cutting-edge trends are your thing. Just like September’s Bolo outfit.
Your Mantra: I am my own muse.
Your Style Tip: Think as much about how your clothes feel as how they look.
Apr 20 – May 21

Your Look: Taurus always has a knack for looking impeccably tailored and put-together. You tend to invest in pieces you’ll wear forever, kind of like this month’s Fran outfit.
Your Mantra: Simplicity never goes out of style.
Your Style Tip: Add one statement piece to every look.
May 21 – Jun 21

Your Look: As a sign that’s all about duality, dressing the same way every day isn’t for you. You like to have the ability to mix and match but always manage to make things look 100% original. This month, we think you’d love our Jamie outfit.
Your Mantra: Normal is boring.
Your Style Tip: Layering isn’t just for clothes, it’s for jewelry, too.
Jun 21 – Jul 23

Your Look: Whatever you wear, it always manages to have a touch of romance. You prefer softer fabrics, lighter colors and never shy away from a little shine. We think our Joelle outfit is for you!
Your Mantra: Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be.
Your Style Tip: Plan your outfits in advance for stress-free September mornings.
Jul 23 – Aug 23

Your Look: Leos only want the best of the best (and never settle for less). Your confidence and creativity mean that September’s Ringer outfit was made for you (and designed by fellow Leo, Demi Lovato no less)!
Your Mantra: Life is a party. Dress for it!
Your Style Tip: If you’ve been thinking about it for more than a week, buy it!

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