The 5 Fall Trends Kate Loves Right Now


Fall is here, and with it comes the most important month in the fashion calendar: September! As New York Fashion Week kicks things off, I start getting excited about seeing new designs for the seasons to come. With that in mind, here are a few Fall trends that I can’t wait to wear myself…

1. Amazing Lace
“Whether it’s ladylike or lingerie-inspired, lace is one trend that I really love this season. It instantly adds a touch of romance to any look.”

2. Thinking Pink (and Purple)
“Speaking of romance, I think shades of pink and purple are so great for fall, especially if you treat them like a neutral and wear them head-to-toe.”

3. Feelgood Fabrics
“As the weather starts to get cooler (yes, even in LA) I’m all about super soft fabrics that are as cute as they are comfy.”

4. Playing with Layers
“The easiest way to go from summer to fall? Layering up so you’re ready for anything, anytime. The best part is that the combinations are literally endless.”

5. A Metallic Moment
“A flash of rose gold or silver—even if it’s just adding an extra piece of jewelry—is an immediate mood-lifter!”

See these trends (and more) in action with our new September collection!

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