5 Cities to Visit if You Love Fashion & Food


September means it’s time to go back to school, fish out those cozy sweaters from the bottom of the drawer, start looking forward to the holidays…  and, of course, welcome the newest fashion trends. Fall is fashion at its best, with the latest styles celebrated with large-scale shows across the globe. With notable stops across Europe, Asia and North America, fashion capitals influence what we wear throughout the season.

These fashionable cities are also notable not just for clothes, but for another aspect of their culture—delicious food! Is it just us, or does a chic sense of fashion go hand in hand with a taste for the culinary cutting-edge? With Try The World’s help, let’s explore five of these powerhouse fashion destinations to see what cuisine to pair with your new style perspective.


1. Barcelona

Up first is the marvelous city of Barcelona. Over the years, Barcelona has solidified its spot on the list of most influential fashion cities across the globe. With its colorful and exciting styling trends, it boasts a fashion sense that mirrors its delicious cuisine. We especially love the quintessentially Spanish paella, which is full of delicious meat, seafood and veggies.

2. Milan

Home to designers like Armani, Versace and Gucci, Milan is a destination internationally renowned for its high fashion. With countless boutiques and a certified legion of fashion legends, the city is an icon for opulent style. Trademark dishes recognized alongside the notable fashion picks include Risotto alla Milanese, a rich and creamy rice dish infused with saffron. Check out some tips from Try The World on how to make a restaurant worthy risotto at home.

3. Tokyo

Next on our list is Tokyo. While commonly known for its trademark entertainment scene, Tokyo is also home to one of the most important fashion cultures of the modern day. With eccentric brands like BAPE and WTAPS, there’s an interesting contrast between its unique fashion and its traditional cuisine. For example, a main ingredient in Japanese dishes is seaweed, with its presence in things like sushi, soups and even salad. One of Tokyo’s must-eats with this traditional base include the classic rice nigiri. A simple, but super yummy go-to!

4. Seoul

Next, we have the capital of South Korea: Seoul. While oftentimes overshadowed by Tokyo in the fashion realm, Seoul has distinguished itself in recent years through the development of its own thriving fashion scene. Seoul street style is one of the most influential today, with bright and quirky styles that catch the eye no matter where you go. To match the style, we recommend zingy kimchi chips, or any of these street-vendor finds for a snack-packed adventure. Couple this with a bright and fizzy Golden Yuzu Bellini you’re ready for the full Seoul experience!

5. Paris

Last, but certainly not least, on our list is the fashion capital of Paris, holding an indisputable legacy in the world fashion scene due to its avant-garde trends and its top-class designers. And, of course, the city holds a just as reputable name in the food department. To get a taste of Paris, we recommend this classic French crepe recipe, or this delicious Croque Madame.


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