Kate’s Take: Our CFDA Collaboration


Thank you for being the CFDA’s FTBC ambassador for the second time. Looking back on your first year, what did you enjoy about this role the most? What did you learn?

Thank you! I feel honored to be able to support such a wonderful cause again. I really enjoyed being able to help shine a light on something so important and that affects so many people. One of the highlights for me was being able to host an event in support of FTBC at one of our Fabletics stores. Seeing the Fabletics community come together and getting to meet and talk to them face-to-face meant so much.

How important is philanthropy to Fabletics?

Philanthropy definitely plays a big role at Fabletics and influences a lot of the decisions we make. As an organization, we’re really passionate about supporting and empowering girls and women in every way possible. We work with The United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up movement by donating a portion of proceeds from our Demi Lovato X Fabletics collections to their SchoolCycle initiative, which provides bikes to girls in developing countries so they can get to school and continue their education. I say it a lot, but when you can use your creativity to have a positive impact, I just think it’s such a wonderful thing.


What do you love about Fabletics’s new designs for FTBC so much? Which one is your favorite piece?

I love that we moved away from all pink and did something a little more adventurous with blue, black and pink. I also love the prints and think they’re super wearable. I’m really into the Esther High-Waisted Leggings, because high-waisted is always my favorite. The Maeve Sports Bra is also really special because it’s reversible.


Who is your ideal customer for these? Are there any friends or family that must have them?

Honestly, like everything we design, they’re made with every woman in mind! They’re still performance outfits but are super comfortable so you can wear them working out or just day-to-day. My mom will definitely be rocking them, as well as a ton of my friends.

What are your hopes for the new Fabletics FTBC collection?

That women love it, feel incredible wearing it and that we continue to raise money and awareness for a worthy cause. It’s that simple.


Kate’s Take is a recurring monthly blog series with Fabletics Co-Founder Kate Hudson. Check back every month for Kate’s thoughts on a brand new topic!  

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