Why Yoga & Meditation Make You a Better Athlete


When people hear that I’m Chief Performance Officer at Fabletics, they imagine a life packed with all-out, full-force, high-impact performance 24/7. While that’s true sometimes, I also know how incredibly important it is to practice balance. While it might seem counterintuitive, slower, more introspective practices like yoga and meditation have actually been shown to enhance your performance like crazy. If you haven’t added them to your routine already, here are a few reasons why you should:


Improved Strength

Yoga’s repetitive movements target muscles that you might not be using otherwise. It’s also incredible for improving your core stability and building long, lean muscles. Overall, yoga can help to balance out your overall strength and make sure you’re using as many muscle groups as possible at any given time.

More Flexibility

Frequent stretching through repeated, challenging poses ultimately equals a greater range of motion and the ability to perform difficult movements more easily. Supple, flexible muscles are also much less prone to injury, which is good news all around.

Better Balance

Working your core and having more awareness of how your body moves gives you more control of your movements. This, in turn, means better technique and form, no matter which sport of activity you practice.

Enhanced Mental Control

Perhaps the biggest benefit to adding yoga and meditation to your routine is the mental conditioning that it offers. While yoga is a great physical workout, used alongside meditation, it enhances the connection between mind and body, improves your ability to quiet your mind and focus. This mental edge is often what separates good athletes from great ones, as it allows them to be laser-focused and free of the doubt that might otherwise hold them back.


If you’re ready to get started on a few yoga moves of your own, check out a few free online classes from our VIP Parks Partners.

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