Kate’s Take: Getting Closer to Doing it All


One of the main questions I get asked over and over—no matter which country I’m in, what projects I’m working on or who’s interviewing me—is “How do you manage to do it all?” Well, the simple answer is: I don’t do it alone! I’m lucky enough to have an amazing team, not to mention supportive family and friends around me who help out in a million different ways. The not-so-simple answer is that as I’ve evolved in my life and career—as an actor, mom, businesswoman, author—there are a few things I’ve learned along the way that help me balance everything I need to do. So, I’m sharing them with you…

The reality is that nobody can truly “do it all.” You have to be selective and prioritize. For example, in my life, my boys and my family always come first. For me, that means that I’ll dedicate the most time and energy possible to them, and they are always factored in first to every decision that I make. Once you define what’s most important to you and commit to making that your priority, you won’t feel bad if other things have to wait. Which brings me to…

Treat Yourself Well
Trying to accomplish everything all the time is not sustainable and will burn you out faster than you think. It’s incredibly important to expend your energy with respect and care, which doesn’t just mean being selective about how you spend your time but also making sure that you save time and energy to take care of yourself. We all need rest, relaxation and time to disconnect and renew. Plan that time as if it’s a task you have to accomplish; even a few hours per week makes a world of difference.

Let Go of “Perfect”
Wanting to do things well is a wonderful trait, but holding yourself to impossible standards of perfection is not. This is true in every aspect your life. If you have a to-do list as long as your arm, you’re not feasibly going to be able to complete everything perfectly. Again, prioritize! Dedicate the most time and energy to the most important items and do the others the best you can. There’s a saying “done is better than perfect” for a reason.

Enjoy the Journey
Multitasking and accomplishing your goals doesn’t mean anything if you’re not having fun! Celebrate every small victory and try to approach every new challenge with a sense of curiosity and excitement. If you’re always waiting to get to the end of the day or the end of your task list, you’re probably not following one of the steps above. Always check in with yourself to see how you’re feeling and if something isn’t working, tweak it!


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