The Workout We Love Right Now


Ok, we’ll admit it: we’re kind of obsessed with Kate Dunlop of Love Sweat Fitness. She has the amazing ability of making even the most challenging workout seem inspiring and fun, and her upbeat attitude and endless energy is totally infectious.

Katie recently shared her signature workout with us and we’ve been hooked ever since, and now we’re sharing it with you, too…


Lazy Push-up Toe Tap

Start on your stomach with your hands under your shoulders and toes tucked. Push-up into a full plank and move into downward facing dog as you touch your toe with your opposite hand. Move back through the push-up, repeating on opposite side.


Single Leg Squat with Hamstring Curl

Bring your weight into one leg with the opposite leg extended behind you. Keeping your weight in your heel, lower into a squat. Press up to standing and bring your heel to your booty. Extend your leg back and repeat.


Break Dancers

From table top, rotate your body open and to the sky, bringing your opposite knee to your elbow. Move back through center and repeat on the opposite side.


Side Plank Toe Taps

Start in a side plank. Bring your bottom leg forward as you reach your top arm directly towards the sky. Engage your core as you lift your leg to meet your hand at center.


Grand Plié Jumping Jacks

Bring your legs wider than hip distance with heels in, toes pointed out and arms reaching out to the sides. Lower down into a squat and then explode up, bringing your feet together on your toes and arms overhead.


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