Day To Workout To Night Beauty Tips


If you’re anything like us, you’re a night owl that dreads the sound of your morning alarm. Getting up any sooner than having enough time to swipe on some makeup, tie your hair in a bun and throw on the nearest work appropriate outfit would completely put you over the edge. And whether you work out in the middle of the day or wake up at 5:30, chug a cup of coffee and burst out the door for your 6:30 workout, this post is for you. Sweat™ Cosmetics is here to give you simple tips and tricks to take yourself from Day to Workout to Night (or Workout to Day to Night). The perfect busy (lazy) girl tutorial … because sometimes you just don’t have time to shower (sorry not sorry).

Look 1: Morning Ritual

Products Needed:

1 || Sweat Powder Jar Foundation

2 || Sweat Mineral Illuminator (cheek bones + eyes)

3 || Mascara

4 || Tinted Lip Balm


1 || Mineral Foundation is the ultimate multi-tasker—it gives you coverage, sunscreen and skincare all in one powder. Specifically, the SPF 30 Mineral Powder Jar allows you to control the amount of coverage you want for the day and lets you use your own brush. Simply tap your brush on what Sweat Cosmetics likes to call the mesh “trampoline,” lightly shake off any excess and buff into cheeks, forehead and chin. Make sure to dust under the jawline as well to prevent any foundation lines.

2 || The Mineral Illuminator is to die for. You get the perfect glow without overdoing it (whoa there, iridescent highlighters). After removing the cap and twisting up the brush, shake at a downward angle until you see the gold powder on the tip. Swipe this illuminator over your eyelids and on cheekbones.

3 || Mascara is a must if you want to look awake, which we assume you do! No need to pile it on—just use a few simple swipes to darken and separate your lashes.

4 || Finish with your favorite tinted lip balm. A clear balm will do the trick, or you can use a little bit of color.


Look 2: Touch Up Post Workout

Products Needed:

1 || Skin-Balancing Cleansing Towelettes (can be used on face to give yourself a fresh start, or use on body for a quick “shower”)

2 || Sweat Mineral Foundation + Twist-Brush


1 || Sweat™ Cleansing Towelettes are the perfect refreshment. You have two choices for this step: use them all over your face and body to give yourself a fresh start, or dab off any sweat on your face with a towel and use the cleansing towelettes as a light shower (no judgment).

2 || The Twist-Brush is the ultimate tool for on-the-go convenience. Since Sweat™ Mineral Foundation is 80 minute water and sweat resistant, and you put that on in the morning, your skin should only need a quick touchup (if anything at all). After dabbing your face dry, shake down on the Twist-Brush until you see the powder flow to the tip of the brush. Use foundation all over to cover any extra oil or redness.


Look 3: Happy Hour Special

Products Needed:

1 || Sweat Mineral Foundation + Twist-Brush

2 || Sweat Mineral Bronzer

3 || Sweat Mineral Illuminator

4 || Eye shadow

5 || Eyeliner

6 || Mascara

7 || Lipstick


1 || Use Sweat™ Mineral Foundation to touch up any oil and give you a little more coverage for night.

2 || Mineral Bronzer is perfect for a quick contour. Twist up the brush and tap lightly at a downward angle. A little goes a long way, so use sparingly! Make sure to hit the key spots: on your hairline, under cheekbones and on the jawline.

3 || Touch up again with the lightweight sweat-resistant mineral Illuminator to give you a natural glow all night.

4 || Grab your favorite eyeshadow, apply to the crease, and then bring the color down to your lid. Go for something metallic so it looks like you tried harder than you did—it gives your eyes the perfect pop.

5 || Use your favorite eyeliner to line your lids and bring attention to your eyes.

6 || Add another swipe of your favorite mascara for a more dramatic look. If you’re feeling spicy, use it on your lower lashes, too!

7 || Trade that tinted lip balm for something bold, like a liquid matte lipstick. They stay on all night, even with a few drinks!

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