How To Stay Motivated, Even When It Feels Tough


Get Closer. That’s the theme of our November campaign—more specifically, how to get closer to your goals. And as Chief Performance Officer of Fabletics, I definitely try to keep that top of mind whether I’m running around with my kids or doing a high-intensity workout. And I know it can be tough to keep thinking about goals sometimes, especially when it comes to working out! But guess what? When you feel great, you definitely feel empowered to give everything your all. Here are a few tips to get you going—and get you closer to your workout goals.


Set Realistic Expectations
When your goals are too lofty, they just seem impossible right from the start. You have to start smaller and build up to your eventual goal. Trust me, you’ll be happier and see better results overall when you give yourself the freedom to get there on your own terms. Don’t forget to crank up the tunes, too—a little music always ups the fun factor while you’re working out and plays a large role in how energetic you can be.


Be Active
Run. Hike. Go to the gym. Take a spin class. Whatever your workout is, stick to it and don’t tell yourself “there’s always tomorrow.” Get into the routine now, and once the holidays really hit, it will be easier to keep working out and avoid eating all those holiday cookies! Plus, the more endorphins you have from working out, the better your overall attitude will be. But here’s the most important thing—don’t do too much too fast. It’s okay to start by working out three days a week, doing a lighter workout, or just taking a break to relax and recuperate.


Pay Attention To The Details
When you’re working out, it’s the little things that matter. How precise are you in your movements? How many minutes are you on the spin bike or how many reps are you doing? The little details make the bigger things matter—not to mention they make peak performance possible.

In short? Your goals ARE attainable! You just have to set them and stay focused—and then the world is your oyster!

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