From Field to Beauty: Sweat Cosmetics is The Beauty Line that Outlasts Your Workouts


No incredible story ever started with, “Well, we almost…” So, first and foremost, five professional female soccer players created a cosmetics line. No, they don’t have cosmetic backgrounds. No, they aren’t Harvard business school grads.

The idea of Sweat Cosmetics goes back to University of Denver, where co-founders Emily Hines and Taryn Hemmings played Division I soccer. The two always talked about how they should develop a cosmetic line specifically made for female athletes who sweat. There never seemed to be anything on the market that was the right amount of coverage, didn’t cause breakouts and was strong enough to last through competitions and workouts. Pair that with hating to wear sunscreen because it was greasy, left a white residue, and ran into their eyes – the right product just didn’t exist.

As the two transitioned in their post-collegiate lives, Taryn playing professional soccer and Emily entering the business world, they kept coming back to their original vision—developing a sweat proof cosmetic line. Taryn shared the idea with the now remaining co-founders, Courtney Jones, Leslie Osborne and Lindsay Tarpley, while playing soccer for the Boston Breakers—and they all agreed the concept just made too much sense not to happen!

What was unique about their approach was that, unlike other cosmetic lines who wanted to see how a product photo finishes or how deep they could get their red lipcolors, they were testing to see whether their active makeup survived a 90-minute soccer game. Could you use the applicator while walking out of the gym without needing a mirror? Could you wear it to lunchtime yoga and fool everyone back at the office?

The founders of Sweat Cosmetics want every woman who uses their mineral cosmetic line to know they have put in the hard work, so she no longer has to. She doesn’t need to do the research, look up ingredients, or ever question whether or not her skin is protected. They want her to know it’s a sisterhood. We’re in this together—and Sweat Cosmetics has her back.

Whether you’re a new mom to be, rising business woman, workout trainer or a tenured mama with more babies then you can hold, Sweat Cosmetics is for you. For more about Sweat Cosmetics, click here.



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