Your New 10 Minute Workout (Yes, Really!)


We know the holidays are busy. Parties, time with family and friends, shopping … the list goes on. But Katie Dunlop of @lovesweatfitness has got your back with this awesome 10 minute workout you can do anytime, anywhere!
Army Crawlers

Start in a high plank. Lower down to your right forearm first, then your left. Push through your right hand, then your left, to return to full plank position.
Oblique Jackknifes

Begin on your right side, slightly rolling back on your hip with your right arm bent for support. Bring your legs together a few inches in front of you. Exhale, engage your core and bend at the waist as you lift your legs and left arm to meet in the middle. Lower to hover and repeat. Perform the same move on the left side.
Side Lunge Knee Raise

From a standing position, step out wide with your right foot, keeping the toes pointed forward. Lower down, bringing your hips as low as your knees and keeping weight on your heel. Push through your heel as you explode back to center, lifting your knee toward your stomach. Lower the leg as you move back out to the side and repeat.
Mountain Climber Burpee

Start in a high plank. Bring your opposite knee to your elbow on one side, then the other. Hop your feet forward as you sit low into a squat. Push through your heels as you explode up, reaching arms overhead. Bend at the hips, placing your hands back on the floor and hopping your feet back into a plank. Repeat.

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