The Sweat Cosmetics Perfect For Every Personality Type


Sweat Cosmetics introduced a line of hypoallergenic sweat-proof makeup built to last through anything your day throws at you. Regardless of your lifestyle, you’ll appreciate it—because this company understands the active lives of modern women. Here are just three ways that three different personality types can benefit from wearing Sweat Cosmetics.


The Lunch Time Warrior

We all know that feeling, right? You try to fit in a workout during your lunch break, but there are already a few odds stacked against you. First and foremost, you typically only have one hour—so every second counts when getting to and from the gym before your boss notices you’re gone. Secondly, as much as you constantly hear that wearing makeup while you sweat is bad for your skin, who always has the time to properly remove what’s already there, much less the additional time to reapply it before trying to look professional again? Not us.

Okay, so now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about how liquid foundations tend to leave your skin looking as though the foundation just seeped into every pore on your face (PSA…that’s exactly what happened). Lose lose situation right? Wrong.

Your perfect products:

Skin-Balancing Cleansing Towelettes: No shower? No problem! These towelettes are individually wrapped, ideal for gym bags and oil free.

Mineral Foundation SPF 30 + Twist-Brush: Bye bye to shattered pressed powder! If you’re going to have something on your skin while you workout, make sure it’s made for it. Reapply on the way back to the office—no mirror needed!


The Leisure Lover

You constantly work out, but everyone around you can’t quite figure out when you do it.

You live in yoga pants and trendy kicks, and your hair is always in a perfectly-imperfect messy bun. Basically, you’re totally chic but effortless at the same time. But what about your skin? Anything too heavy or too overdone just ruins the look.

Your perfect products:

Mineral Foundation SPF 30 Powder Jar: Ideal for your countertop at home! This jar lets you apply as much coverage as needed just before taking on the day ahead.

Glow Hard Mineral Bronzer SPF 25 + Twist-Brush: Keep people guessing with a pop of sunkissed glow.


Busy-But-Still-Empowered Mama

You’re typically running after your children, who all seem to be on their own pages throughout the day. Between naps, tantrums, spills and kisses, you have to be prepared for everything.

Your perfect product:

Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Translucent Mineral Powder + Twist-Brush: Sheer coverage, all natural zinc oxide, won’t run into eyes (mom or baby). You’re welcome.

Don’t settle for anything less than flawless. Use Sweat Cosmetics for the ultimate in coverage and convenience!

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