How To Style Capris


Spring is starting … and that means it’s time for capris! As your legging lengths get shorter, let those midrifs rise! This month we have capris and crops in different lengths—and they’re perfect with our new tops, bras and jackets. Our new collection features such gorgeous colors, from subtle pastels to spring-worthy brights!


We’re especially loving how all of our colors this month effortlessly match and pair back to each other. The light purples and delicate prints pair perfectly with all of our strappy, feminine tops—like our Stratus print! We love the light purple bra, especially since it adjusts from a midi to a bralette!

We also have bolder prints and brighter colors that are sure to keep you looking fresh! From our jewel tones to our floral-print leggings, these statement pieces will keep your active wardrobe exciting. Go for a full head-to-toe look in our magenta-toned bra and legging or our printed fresco print. Psst: you can pair your outfits with bright shoes for a total color pop! Look for colors within the print to draw inspiration for your shoe choice.


What’s your favorite color or print from our new collection? Let us know in the comments!

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