How To Treat Your Body Post-Marathon


The LA Marathon is this weekend—and there are others coming up around the country, too. So we got to thinking … how can you treat your body right after putting it through that strenuous 26.2 miles? We talked to Jun Lee, Founder of EiR NYC, to get her tips and tricks on how to treat your post-marathon body right. Here are her tips!

  • After strenuous activity, make sure to nourish your body with nutritious healthy clean foods and drink lots of water.

  • Soak your body in a hot Epsom salt bath (like Eir Post session salts!).

  • If you have any injuries or strains, give extra attention to them by foam rolling and stretching.

  • Apply some anti-inflammatory, herb-infused balms, such as Eir Cooling butter, which is made with spike lavender, peppermint and arnica.

  • Get a massage with Eir Heating massage oil, which contains comphrey (to heal muscles) and black pepper (to stimulate circulation).

  • If you have a free day, spend a day at a Korean bath house! You can soak in Asian herb-infused baths, relax in salt rooms and let your muscles decompress.


Jun Lee is a former art curator, surfer and extreme athlete. While recovering from sports injuries in 2013, she began studying green medicine in 2013 to deal with pain management and boost the benefits of physical therapy. After her first product, Surf Mud, became a fast favorite amongst the Montauk surfing community, Jun began incorporating the principles of herbal healing into her fast growing cornucopia of organic skincare products, which Eir calls Nature’s First Aid Kit.


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