The 6 Mindset Shifts To Help You Feel Positive (Even When Life Gets Hard)


Life is full of ups and downs. Even though we try to stay positive, sometimes we just can’t help but feel a little down. Things don’t always go as planned. Disappointments, rejections, hurt, worries, illnesses, jealousy, annoyance … all of these can make us feel very uncomfortable in our own mind. And while we may know it’s not good to feel this way but somehow it’s hard to stop thinking about what might be bothering us. But by internalizing those thoughts and thinking about them over and over, we reinforce the negative feelings we have and fill ourselves up with negative energy.

But here’s the good news! We have 6 tips for how to get yourself out of the habit of internalizing those negative thoughts. We hope these will help you easily let go of negative thoughts whenever they hit you and help you feel a little (or a lot!) happier!

1. When you find yourself over-thinking about something, take your mind off it with meditation.
It’s hard to switch from negative to positive thoughts right away … so try meditation to help you transition. When you meditate, you need to have a clear mind and focus on your breathing. Meditation sets your mind and your brain to a default blank state. Do this for 10 minutes to clear your head and start to feel relaxed.

2. When you face struggles, use them as opportunities to learn and grow.
Look, struggles are hard. But without them, you wouldn’t get to increase your mental strength—so, really, they’re blessings in disguise! When you start thinking life is unfair, you may have a tendency to circle around that thought over and over, which will only make you feel worse. Instead of feeling sad, accept the situation and see it as a challenge! Forget about the future and just focus on your next step. Then your next one. Eventually you’ll see the light!

3. When you start to feel overwhelmed by your mental to-do list, write it out and check it off one by one.
Even just by writing down your to-do list, you’ll feel much more relieved and organized! The next step is to follow through. Just focus on one task at a time. By doing it this way, you’ll feel less stressed and more productive!

4. If the people around you are negative (and impacting your mood), treat yourself as a priority!
Negativity breeds negativity. If you’re around people who are acting negatively, it will start to make you act and feel this way after awhile. If they’re family, try helping them in a subtle way. If they’re friends, spend less time with the negative ones and hang out more with the positive ones! Your time, energy, and feelings are precious—so don’t let anyone think they have the right to destroy your good mood and happy vibes.

5. When you’re tired from work, try to focus on simple joys.
Focus on the little things that make you feel happy—the little beautiful things you get to enjoy! Things like spending time with your family, drinking your favorite tea, reading your favorite book, watching your favorite TV show, or having dinner with your loved ones.

6. When you’re sick, don’t see yourself as unfortunate. Instead, feel thankful for being alive.
Take this opportunity to think about who you feel thankful for and what you still want to accomplish—and then make it a point to actually do those things! You only get one life, so live it to the fullest!

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