Fabletics x Girl Up: Meet Some Of The Girls!


Have you heard about Girl Up’s SchoolCycle program? Just $125 is enough to donate a bike to a girl in an underprivileged country so that she can ride to school and get the education she needs and deserves. We’re proud to partner with Girl Up on this initiative. Today, we’re sharing stories from just a few of the girls who have been helped in their journey for better education.



She’s had her bicycle for just over a year and uses it every day! Having a bike helps Salayi be on time to school. Her favorite subject is science class, because she’s learning about growing up. When she grows up, Salayi wants to be a policewoman, because she likes how they’re dressed and how they interact with the community.



She’s had her bike for just over a year now and she uses it almost every day to go to school or the health facility. Since she received her bike, going to school became much easier. She’s the one who always makes sure it’s in picture perfect condition, and she rinses it off in the stream if it gets too dirty because she takes great pride in having her bike! Right now her favorite subject in school is her life skills course. When Lvvoesi grows up, she hopes to be a nurse.



When Joyce was selected to go to secondary school, she had problems traveling the long distances (up to 15 kilometers, or just over 3 miles). Most of the time, she wasn’t going to school—she could only go two or three days each week. She would be sleeping in class because she was so tired. The bicycle she received has helped her to travel the long distance to school without a problem!



Margaret was forced to get married when she was in Standard 8. She tried her best to resist the situation, but unfortunately she failed. When the JPAG program came to her community, they encouraged her to go back to school. She believes strongly in this program and wants to keep increasing the amount of girls who receive an education.

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