Behind the Seams: August Bra Talk With Kate Hudson


A year in the making, the sports bras you’ve been waiting for are almost here! Our bras have been revamped, redesigned and reimagined. Co-Founder, Kate Hudson, went straight to our Head of Design, Karen (whose team has spent the last 12 months obsessing over every single detail), to get exclusive insight into the redesign.

Find out more about all-new styles with more support, less bounce and improved fits!

Kate: What do we have to look forward to this month in bras?

Karen: We have variety. We’re going to have bras for every single one of our customer’s needs. From light impact to high impact. For those that need to get in and out of it easily, they can just pop it over their head. Whatever they need.


Kate: What did we do to improve our high support bras?

Karen: Well, we heard our customers.

Kate: I’m excited about this.

Karen: Can you believe it? You’re excited about these too? We made these super comfortable, easy to get in and out of. They’re actually truly supportive and they’re beautiful. They make you look gorgeous.


Kate: So I know my answer to this, but what do you the bra is that every girl needs in her gym bag?

Karen: It depends what you’re going to do. But if you need one bra to do everything it would be the Connar Bra which is our favorite new bra.

Kate: My answer is the same answer! Although, I do like my Hudson Bra. It’s my favorite, it goes with everything . I’m wearing it right now.


Kate: What about designs and colors, what are your favorites?

Karen: I’m loving our beautiful neutral colors because they always have a hint of femininity but I also love our brights.

Kate: You can’t do that! You have to choose one.

Karen: I can’t do that!

Kate: Yeah, but if you had to pick one! She always wears black, she designs all of this amazing color and all of this stuff and she comes into the office always in black.

Karen: Okay, I’m really obsessed with our pinks!


Kate: What’s next beyond August?

Karen: We have everything beyond leggings. We have this beautiful assortment of really cool stuff that you can wear to-and-from 24/7.

Kate: Perfect! So that’s a little taste of the August collection, we can’t wait!


Excited for more? The collection drops August 1st. Don’t miss out on all-new styles.


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