The Work Out Buddy System


Friends Julie Anne Cormier and Juliette Lauer know that a work out buddy is sometimes the best motivation to get moving. Read on for their two-is-better-than one exercises. (Plus, don’t they look amazing in our new Stealth Collection?)


Hello, Fabletics readers! It’s Julie and Juliette here to tell you that fitness + friendship = FUN. We came up with these exercise duos guaranteed to have you smiling and sweating!



Back-to-Back Squats

Get warmed up with an upgraded version of a good old squat. This exercise keeps your weight further back than a regular squat, so it’s great for warming up your knees and targeting the quads more than a solo squat.

• Stand back to back with your partner.
• Hook arms at the elbows and lean into each other as you each take a step out.
• Keep leaning into each other as you squat and rise back up together.
• Do three sets of eight squats. Rest for 30 seconds in between sets.


Hopscotch Squats

This exercise requires hopping and squatting so it gets blood pumping and legs burning. Since you’ll be alternating legs, it helps even out inconsistencies between your dominant and non-dominant side. Tapping your partners toes adds a little focus into your work out.

• Start standing with feet a little wider than hip width and face your partner.
• At the same time as your partner, squat, and as you stand hop onto one foot bringing the other foot toward your partner to tap toes.
• Hop to your opposite foot tapping toes on the other side; then hop both feet to the starting position to start the next rep.
• Do three sets of 10 (30 total jumps, since each rep requires three hops). Rest for 30 seconds in between sets.


Push-up and Deadlift

With push-up and deadlift, one partner targets the arms and core with push-ups while the other gets a full body workout with deadlifts. Doing these exercises with a partner as opposed to doing them solo will challenge your stabilizers and form, so it’s a great way to level up on basics.

• Partner 1 starts in a push-up position while the other is standing.
• Partner 2 picks up and holds the other’s ankles at either side of their body with arms straight down by thighs.
• Partner 1 does a full push-up. After, Partner 2 bends forward in a deadlift using the body as a weight. One push-up and one deadlift equal one rep.
• Do two sets of eight and then switch positions. Rest for 30 seconds in between each set.


Squat Jump Turns

Squat jump turns requires teamwork and trust! These are a great dynamic move to get the heart rate up.

• Both partners cross arms and hold each other’s wrists.
• Squat together and then jump to the side so you and your partner each land one quarter of the way around an imaginary circle.
• As you jump and turn, lean out from each other to create tension in the arms. If a quarter turn is easy, try to make it half way around the circle!
• Do five sets of five jumps. Rest for 30 seconds in between each set.


Plank “Burpee” Jumps

We saved the best for last. This exercise is high intensity and high energy — make sure you have some space for this one!

• Both partners get into a plank position, side by side.
• Start the exercise with one partner quickly standing up from plank position and jumping over the other’s plank.
• Repeat for one minute, rest for 30 seconds and repeat for one more minute. When you run out of space, switch directions!

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