Celeb Nutritionist Kelly LeVeque Shares Insider Health + Wellness Tips


You asked, she answered. Health and wellness guru Kelly LeVeque answers your health and wellness questions!


1. What are some of your favorite fab four recipes that are plant based? I pretty much stick to a vegan diet, but I love your fab four meal process. I have a hard time getting all the protein I need without meat.


2. I am 5 months postpartum and having a hard time jump starting back into consistent healthy eating. Do you have any tips on a practical way to kick start a healthier diet? Thank you!


3. What are healthier dessert options (other than fruit)? I have a major sweet tooth I need to curb!


4. What are the essential daily supplements bewellbykelly suggests. Have been drinking a fab 4 smoothie for the past few months. Loving it!

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