I am so crazy lucky to be the daughter of the most inspiring, funny, compassionate and huge-hearted woman. Most of you know her as Goldie Hawn The Actress, but, to me, her best and most important role has always been as my mom. She’s really taught me everything I know—including the importance and value of giving back.

We very rarely work together, but this partnership with Fabletics is a special one—and one that is near and dear to both of our hearts. Many of you may not know this, but she is the founder of MindUP, an educational program taught in schools across the world that brings together the pillars of neuroscience, positive psychology, mindful behavior and social, emotional learning. My mom is incredibly passionate about welfare of children and MindUP is the result of this cause. It helps children understand and handle their emotions through the workings of their brain, with the ultimate goal of nurturing a generation of kids who have the power to create their own happiness, so they can thrive in today’s world.

My mom is also the embodiment of the Fabletics ethos. As a dancer all her life, she loves moving her body—it’s vital to her core being, it makes her happy, it’s a way of life. She meditates, trampolines every morning, runs, lifts weights, rides a mountain bike—it’s literally hard to keep up with her! Through her example, she’s taught me that the body and mind are always connected in a constant flow. One can say that I’ve had a really good role model to build the Fabletics brand!

The Fabletics x MindUP collection has been so fun to work on together, because it’s a real reflection of both of our styles. My mom pretty much always wants to feel like she’s ready to dance, so it’s all about comfortable, stylish pieces that can go from yoga to lunch. They represent what Fabletics and MindUP are all about—something that makes you feel really good, so you can have a great day and spread that positivity. (And, spoiler alert: some of the pieces have hidden Goldie-isms on them, because, really, everyone needs a little Goldie in their life.)

But while we love clothes, love looking cute and love living an active lifestyle, the most important thing about this partnership is how it will benefit MindUP™. With the proceeds, we will be able to provide scholarships to schools and teachers to support the program in communities all over the world, as close as Los Angeles and as far as Abu Dhabi. This collaboration means so much to both of us, because it combines all of the most important things in our life: family, children, work and the possibility of making this world a better place.

The Fabletics x MindUP collection launches in stores and on Fabletics.com at the end of September. We both can’t wait for you see it!

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