In Conversation with Goldie Hawn


We sat down with Goldie Hawn to talk about her MindUP organization, her love of leggings and her limited-edition collaboration with Fabletics. Plus, spoiler alert—she is super proud of her daughter.


Fabletics: Tell us about your personal relationship with the practice of mindfulness and meditation and why it’s important to you.

Goldie Hawn:  I have been practicing Mindful meditation since 1972. It was a revelation as it brought me more joy and peace than I could have ever imagined. It was of great help during what one would call a rise to celebrity but more importantly it provoked my curiosity as to what was really going on in our brain. Learning about neuroscience and emotional regulation was the beginning to my call to action for helping children.


Fabletics: How did you further explore this interest?

GH: While I was out there making movies, particularly for women, I was also very focused and interested in brain science, psychology, the nature of the human mind, and understanding different emotions. Having gathered enough information about neurobiology and the relationship between the brain and meditation, I began looking at the science and research being done.


F:  When did the idea of MindUP come to you? What was the catalyst?

GH: 9/11 happened. After that, I perceived that the world was going to change forever, and that our children really needed to be taught the skills to handle some of the silent distress, uncertainty and fearfulness that can become symptomatic. I was not only driven by my love for children, but their future mental health and stability. The symptoms were glaring, and I had a call to action to find a way to help. It was my own sense of ethics that inspired me, and my vision of how a child should be able to live a good life. I figured, why leave all this research in a Petri dish in these universities? Let’s put it in a program.


F: So what did you do?

GH: I pulled together neuroscientists, positive psychologists, teachers, and meditation and mindfulness practitioners. I put together a holistic program. Not one that just taught mindfulness, but one that shows children how the brains work. Children learn about the parts of their brain, their limbic system and their prefrontal cortex.  MindUP helps children achieve more emotional stability to face life’s challenges with optimism. It’s about learning, focusing and the ability to understand your own potential.


F: Can you share some of the results from MindUP?

GH: 83% of our children noted that they could make themselves happier. We’ve also learned that kids bring MindUP practices home and share them with their families. A student was saying that her mom was rushing to take her to school – and that they were going to be late. There was traffic and the little girl said, “Mom don’t rush. Take a breath. If you take a breath and do mindful breathing, it’ll be okay.” How good is that!


Fabletics: How did this the MindUP x Fabletics partnership develop?

GH: Katie loves MindUP. She’s a huge champion of what we’ve been doing and what mommy’s been doing. She wanted to be able to put this out there, because it also brings money in for the greater good—for children. This partnership has become a really beautiful thing. My daughter is supporting what I consider a big life purpose of mine alongside one of her main passions – Fabletics. But this partnership is not only about what Fabletics and MindUP stand for—health, wellness, action, activity, and balance—but it’s also about giving back. I think these are two very important aspects to building any company the right way.


F: You and Kate visited the Fabletics HQ to help design the collection—how was that?  

GH: It was really fun. Katie and I talked about it and we looked at the fabrics. It was a total blast. It was so exciting to walk into Fabletics and see that wonderful expansive organization, with all the people working there, and all the things going on, and looking at my daughter and feeling so proud. I was so excited, so joyful for her. It really touched me.


F: What do you like about Fabletics clothing? Do you wear them?

GH: Yes, I do!  I love the leggings—they’re so soft and feel great on the skin. I have a vision of how everybody lives in them—how you can convert something that is your workout outfit into something you can wear to lunch. You need that great jacket that goes over leggings. Or the cute top that isn’t necessarily just a tank top. Fabletics is doing a great job making these amazing clothes. They look great and feel great on!


F: You speak to the importance of being both mentally and physically fit—do you have a workout routine? 

GH: Movement is vitally important, but I don’t love routine, so I mix it up. During the day I’ll jump on the trampoline first and then I’ll lift my weights about four or five times a week. I make sure to walk four miles about five times a week. I run-walk on my treadmill, make sure I get my heart rate up to 140. Being active is so good for the brain and so good for the body.


F: Final question: who do you think has better style, you or Kate?

GH: We laugh about me because I like simple things, right? Katie can get dressed up and look like a million dollars. She can put on a high neck collar, fashion-forward things—she’s so stylish. Me? I just like something that makes me feel like I don’t have a lot of clothes on!


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