A Beginners Guide to Taekwando


If you’ve always been curious about martial arts, but a little intimidated to take a class, this 5-Move Taekwando workout from Megan Le (@missmeganle) is a great place to start. Megan has trained in kung fu, wushu, and most extensively in taekwando, in which she has earned a black belt. So take these tips from a real pro and try out these moves!


  1. Jab
  • Start in a fighting stance with fists closed tight at each side of your face and with your right leg back.
  • Your left arm is your lead arm. Extend that lead arm in a sharp punching motion with palm facing down. Allow your hips and shoulders to twist and punch with the force of your full body, not simply your arm.
  • Snap the lead arm back in to return to your fighting stance.
  • Complete this move with full power for 30 seconds. Exhale sharply as if you were blowing into a straw with every punch.


  1. Reverse Punch
  • Begin in the same fighting stance as Jab.
  • Your right arm is your back arm. Extend that back arm in a heavy punching motion with palm facing down. Place more weight on your lead leg and allow your hips to twist and your back foot to pivot.
  • Snap the back arm to return to your fighting stance.
  • Complete this move with full power for 30 seconds. Exhale sharply as if you were blowing into a straw with every punch.


  1. Lunge Front Kick
  • From the same fighting stance, step your right leg further back and drop into a lunge-keeping your hands up in a guard!
  • As you stand up on your left leg, kick your right leg forward into a front kick. Toes should be pointed and spine should remain straight.
  • Bend your right knee fully to come down and step the kicking leg all the way back and drop into a lunge to repeat the move.
  • Complete this move with full strength and height for 30 seconds.


  1. Supported Roundhouse Kick
  • In order to work on good form, place your right hand on a nearby support to your right side. Look over your left shoulder at your target. Stand on only your right leg with all five toes pointed towards your support (away from your target). Pick up your left knee as high as you can and point the knee directly at your target. Your left foot should be tucked behind your left buttocks. Keep your free hand tucked at your side in a fist.
  • Without moving your left knee, extend your left leg straight out into a roundhouse kick. If you were kicking an actual target you would be making contact with the top of your left foot.
  • Bend the left knee fully, tucking it behind your buttocks again to repeat the kick.
  • Complete this kick with full extension and good form for 30 seconds.


  1. Horse Stance Punches
  • Stand with feet wide outside your hips and all ten toes pointing completely forward. Bend your knees and be sure to keep your weight in your heels. Keep chest high and back straight.
  • Tuck your right arm to your side in a fist with palm up and extend your left arm straight forward, palm down into a punch.
  • Stay low in your horse stance and switch arms, punching in a fast and sharp motion. Keep alternating punches.
  • Complete this move quickly and sharply for 30 seconds.


  1. Rest for 30 seconds.


  1. Repeat all five moves on the opposite side! (Note: Horse Stance Punches will remain the same.)



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