Low-Impact Moves for an On-The-Go Life


It’s a tale old as time—we have the best intentions of going to the gym or yoga class or spin class, but in between work, PTA meetings and a social life, it often gets pushed to “tomorrow.” Here’s a workout from fitness extraordinaire Bess Carter that you can do at home or anywhere with a little space. Follow her at @besshcarter for more inspo.


As women, we juggle many different hats and responsibilities, and some days it may be hard to get in a long or intense workout. Here’s a low-impact workout that you can do at home that will sculpt and tone your entire body.

You don’t need any equipment—just minimal space and maybe a mat if you have one handy. That’s another bonus of this workout; you can do these moves pretty much anywhere! This is also a great workout for beginners, and you can always progress these moves as you build strength and endurance to incorporate more high intensity versions.

If time allows, perform 1 set of each move before moving to the next, and then complete the entire circuit 3x.



Squats to Calf Raise

Start in a standing position with feet hip-width distance apart. Squat down, keeping your head up, chest forward, and weight into your heels. Make sure your knees don’t go over your toes. Return to standing position and at the top, use your calf muscles to lift your heels off the ground as you engage your core for balance. That is one repetition. Perform 15 reps.


Inchworm Walkout Plank with Push-up

Start at standing position and walk out on your hands until you are in a plank position with your hands directly under your shoulders, core engaged by drawing your belly button into your spine, and create a straight line of your spine. Once there, perform a push-up, or if needed, lower to your knees to perform a modified push-up. Then use your hands to walk yourself back to standing position. That is one repetition. Perform 10 reps.


Plank with Knee to Elbow & Leg Extension

Begin in plank position. Bring your right knee to your right elbow, then push back while you extend that leg into a single leg Downward-Facing Dog. That is one repetition. Perform 10 repetitions per side.


Bicycle Crunches

Begin by laying flat on the floor with your legs straight out and hands behind your head. Bring your left knee up and your right elbow across your body to meet your knee. From that position, switch to the other side. That is one repetition. Perform 15 repetitions.


Glute Bridge Lifts

Begin laying flat on the floor with your feet flat on the floor directly under your knees. Squeeze your glutes to lift your hips to the sky, driving weight through your heels, and then slowly lower back down. That is one repetition. Perform 15 repetitions.


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