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We might be a little biased, but we think our clothes are kind of the best! However, just don’t take our word for it—these fitness-focused women live, work out and lounge in their Fabletics pieces. Read on for their favorites!


“I love this outfit! This super breathable hoodie paired with these ultra-soft and flattering leggings make for the perfect outfit for my morning cycling class or even just for running errands. I love the detail on these leggings and the color gives a subtle poke at fall/winter colors.” – Christine, @christineleeee


“I love how Fabletics leggings fit! They’re form fitting, but not uncomfortable and I don’t get love handles because they’re TOO tight in the wrong places. They’re great for all activities. I always wear them while lifting and feel great.” – Carissa, @carissadavidson


“I’m ready to lose some weight—not lose my pants! I love how these leggings hold up. No matter the movement, I can rely on them to stay put while I kick butt!” – Yasmine, @darkerberrie


“I love my Fabletics ScupltKnit leggings.They’re the perfect pant for moving around in from dance class to running errands. I love the way they shape my body and the material moves with you. My Sammy Hoodie is the perfect grab and go zip up. It’s light material allow your body to breathe without feeling stuffy. I love throwing it on after class as a cover up. Plus all the pockets are perfect for my phone, wallet and keys. ;)” – Bridget, @bridgetwhitman11


“When you don’t feel like working out, but your outfit brings out the animal in you. I love wearing outfits that you don’t need to worry about adjusting while working out, so thank you Fabletics for making comfortable clothes!” – Fatima, @stylefitfatty

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