The Ultimate Cozy Checklist for a Night In


Feel like staying in? No problem! Go ahead and turn down the party invites, because sometimes a comfy couch and a movie marathon is just what you need. Molly Larsen the creator of All About Good Vibes created the ultimate self-care checklist, so you can get your cozy on.


Welcome to your holiday-no-stress-zone! My ultimate Cozy Checklist is specific to relaxing with a clear mind, but before settling in for the night, set up your cozy corner and get in the right mindset. Start the process by clearing out all the negative energy. You can do this by taking deep breaths and imagining yourself standing or sitting in a garden. Make sure there are no distractions during this process. Once you are relaxed, you’re ready for the rest of the steps!

Begin with a mini facial and a bath while listening to your favorite music. After that, you can get some aromatherapy in by adding your favorite essential oils into your body lotions. Finish the rest of your skincare routine and get ready for the cozy part of your night!

Put on a comfy pair of pajamas and bring a warm blanket to cuddle up in. I recommend having a bag of your favorite snacks near you while watching your favorite movies (don’t forget the popcorn). Or grab the book that you’ve been wanting to read while your favorite songs play in the background. Whatever it is, the key is to decompress from all the chaos in your life. If you’re tired of movies, books and music, you can always lie down, close your eyes and visualize your 2019 goals and how to achieve them. No stress here though—only positive vibes!

End your night by sleeping there or do a 5-10 minute meditation session to calm your mind before going to sleep. Happy cozy-days!


Ultimate Self-Care List:

Face scrub

Face mask

Bubble bath/body scrub

Essential oils

Body lotion






Eye mask


Good books




Hot cocoa


Stringed lights


Fireplace/heated blanket

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