January Sneak Peek


We hope everyone had a happy holiday and that you’ve been chilling out and staying comfy (maybe in some Fabletics leggings). Crazy as it seems, 2019 is just around the corner, but 2018 was one for the Fabletics record books! We had such an eventful, celebratory, milestone year and though we are sad to say goodbye, we’re super excited for what’s to come. To bring in 2019, we have a special note from our Co-Founder, Kate Hudson, with a recap of the year’s biggest hits:


From the desk of Kate Hudson, Co-Founder

Can you believe it’s almost the new year? There’s so much to look forward to (including a sneak peek below), but first let’s take a look back at all of our memorable milestones of 2018!

o We turned 5… and we wouldn’t be here without you!
o We celebrated 1.5 million amazing members
o We took your favorite styles and made them even better with more details inspired by YOU
o We reengineered our sports bra collection to fit, feel, and perform better than ever!
o And in 2019, we’re excited for so much more, including 1 BIG announcement…

Come back tomorrow for the big news!







Here’s a New Year’s resolution you can keep: own more amazing leggings in all new colors and prints.


It’s hard not to sing the praises of our next collaborator. When you hear who she is, you might break out into a happy dance.

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