Gonna Make You Sweat Now


In honor of Heart Month, we’re dedicating this post to keeping your heart healthy with some simple cardio exercises you can do at home. Here to show us how is Christina Kryszan of @Fitgirlxtina.



That glisten of sweat on your brow means you’re getting a good cardio workout—an important part of a well-rounded fitness regimen. And while running and spinning are great forms of exercise, they’re far from the only way you can get in a heart-pumping workout!

When I want a quick and effective way to get my heart rate up, I stick to a few simple moves—no equipment necessary. It’s the perfect “no excuses” workout when I need to break a sweat. Here’s how:



Do these five Tabata-style moves, working for 40 seconds and resting for 20 seconds. Complete the full circuit five times for a heart-pumping, high intensity workout. Rest for one-minute between circuits (and don’t forget to hydrate!).


High knees: 40 seconds work; 20 seconds rest.


 Jumping lunges: 40 seconds work; 20 seconds rest.


Plank jacks: 40 seconds work; 20 seconds rest.


Squat jumps: 40 seconds work; 20 seconds rest.


Knee drivers: 40 seconds work; 20 seconds rest.

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